Support for Realtek USB WiFi adapters now in nightlies

With hrev55907, I’ve merged initial support for USB WiFi adapters, and enabled them in the realtekwifi driver. I tested it with one device myself (an 8812AU, to be precise) and it seems to work sufficiently; I was able to connect to a WPA2 network and browse the web.

Note that hot-plugging is not currently supported, you have to plug in dongles before booting! (You similarly cannot re-plug devices either.)

Lots of USB WiFi adapters are Realtek-based even if they’re under some other brand name, so if you have one, see if it works. (If it doesn’t, and it looks like FreeBSD supports it, open a ticket, as I should now be able to port drivers for other USB adapters that FreeBSD has, once the dust settles a bit.)


Darn, now i need to update my script for the beta4 video.

Nice work!


That is amazing. Will test.

Any test, please add your data into our Hardware List here:

Hardware List: Compatible wireless network adapters (extern) - Compatibility / Hardware - Haiku Community (


Great news, the chip in my netgear usb wifi adapter is a realtek. Will try and report :slight_smile:


Testing with TP-LINK TL-WN725N nano size USB adaptor. So far, so good.

Good work!


You beat me to it!

That’s great news! These adapters (WN725N ) are only £5 and work under Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Windows and now Haiku too! I’m glad I bought 2 of 'em.

That’s great!
I have tons of those Realtek USB Wifi sticks laying around here.
Then I can use the Vonets VAP11G,which I currently use for Haiku,for my OpenIndiana machine where all those Realtek USB Wifi sticks are unsupported.

That hrev you are running?

Tested with Hrev55908

Is there any support for RTL8192C and for RTL8812AE?

The best way is, you are test it and report this to us. The list of supported wireless usb adapters are very smal and the collecting of data at the beginning.

I think it was supported, i want to wait for buying and AMD RADEON 7950 or 7970 and try to install haiku

The TP-LINK TL-WN725N isn’t working for me under 55908. Do I need to load a kernel module or something? I don’t see a wifi adapter in the network settings.

2357:0604 TP-Link TP-Link UB500 Adapter

Feeling frustrated…only my accursed card, TL-WN881ND, based on RTL8192EE is not getting any attention…Still have to depend on my laptop for routing wifi to my desktop PC

Is there no hope at all???

Try another one? A USB adapter for example.

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Just tested my Netgear Wireless-N 300 adapter (RTL8192CU chip). Works perfectly! :+1:
Thanks a lot @waddlesplash , this is a big game changer for me as I can now use my old spare PC for Haiku without having to resort to more complicated networking solutions (connecting to a laptop via ethernet and bridging the wifi connection etc.)

@lelldorin: complete system report for your database will follow shortly :slight_smile:


I haven’t done any original driver development here thus far, my work here has all been on adding more support to our FreeBSD compatibility layer. FreeBSD WiFi driver development unfortunately seems to have stalled, and they haven’t been adding new features much (which doesn’t bode well admittedly.) The new support for USB WiFi was just imported from FreeBSD where it has been for years.


This is true but we have more support now. This was a big step forward. Not all will work, but with our hardware database we have the possability to look into it an get a running adapter.

Haiku Hardware Database (

I hope we get more infos from the users to expand the list.

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Hello Augustin, I have a built in 802.11b/g USB-Wireless-Card.

The Wireless Card has to be activated via “Fn+F3” - Key after! booting into Haiku 32bit nightly…
So it is not recognized by Haiku at boot I fear!

Will this build-in Card work after you initialize Hot-Plug for USB-Wireles Stick?