Can't get wifi to work on MacBook Air

I’ve installed R1b4 on a 2012 MacBook Air and I can’t get wifi to work.
I tried the script to no success. (No connectivity)
Any ideas?

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Use Ethernet or some of the supported USB wifi dongles. Haiku doesn’t support Broadcom, which Apple uses for wifi.

Check out Support for Realtek USB WiFi adapters now in nightlies - #6 by ilfelice

Would be nice if more hardware was supported. Broadcom isn’t exactly an uncommon wireless chipset provider. But for a temporary solution:

This worked for my 2012 MacBook Pro.

There is some more information about broadcom support in macs in this thread.

Anybody know of any recent progress or efforts towards this? I too would like to see good support for 2008-2018 Macs. With the recent switch to M1 arm64 chips, these ubiquitous Intel-based macs are plummeting in price and could be very nice Haiku machines.

I’m no driver developer, but I am experienced in embedded development and networking. If someone can point me in the right direction and assure me that this isn’t impossible, I’d be interested to contribute.

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I agree. I think hardware support efforts should be focused on older hardware that was popular. Pick a few popular vendors/models and focus on supporting them.

Hardware support is focused on whatever machines the developers writing drivers own and use. Currently we don’t have a lot of driver developper using Apple hardware.

And even with that focus, at least in my case, I decided to replace my 10 year old laptop with a new one, long before I could get everything on it 100% supported


The recommended wifi dongle worked for me as well.