Sound and wifi on Mac mini 2014?

Haiku newbie here. Has anyone had success getting sound and/or wifi working on Mac minis using recent nightlies?

I have a Macmini7,1 (2014), and Haiku works fine with the ethernet port. Following advice from other posts, I installed Open Sound via HaikuDepot and restarted, but no luck.

I only see the wired Ethernet jack listed in Network Preferences, not a wifi interface. It sounds like it’s expected that Apple wifi hardware might not be supported: Can't get wifi to work on MacBook Air - #2 by rjzak

But for the sound, any suggestions for things I can try? Thank you.

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I was able to get sound working from the headphone jack on a 2012 Macbook Pro. Were you trying internal speakers or audio jack?

You Wi-Fi probably won’t be supported unfortunately (BCM94360cs). I was told that Haiku used FreeBSD for some wi-fi drivers. No luck for my computer, but maybe you’ll have more luck. But since it’s a desktop use I imagine, if you don’t move it much Ethernet might be the way to go if possible. Or you can use a USB wi-fi solution.

Edit: I see you might have already found the answer for wi-fi support.

Try OpenSound, never tried on a Mini that recent but it somehow worked on an old MacBook.
bear in mind that your chipset is probably too recent and might not be supported by OSS.
You need to blacklist the intel audio driver first as explained here.

They have already tried this acording to the thread intro’s post.

Sorry, my bad. I overlooked that part

Were you trying internal speakers or audio jack?

Audio not working for either of 'em for me.

Edit: I see you might have already found the answer for wi-fi support.

What are you keying off of here? If you mean the post about wifi I linked to, I linked to it in the context of saying that as I understand it Apple wifi hardware is not supported (as you had said as well)

You need to blacklist the intel audio driver first as explained here .

Thank you for the note about blacklisting packages. That page seems to talk about blacklisting packages in general, and not about the intel audio driver in particular. Where can I find the intel audio driver name in order to blacklist it? Thank you.

On almost every Mac I’ve tried Haiku with, sound (even with opensound) has been a game of luck, and AirPort cards that are Broadcom-based on MacBooks or iMacs I’ve messed with don’t work with Haiku, so no Wifi with those. You can get Haiku going on Intel Mac hardware, but I feel it’s more or less for hardcore enthusiasts.

Sadly, the way I’ve been recommending both in person and in whatever Be/Haiku places I’m part of is just to install Haiku inside UTM since more Macs are now based on Apple Silicon (M1-M3/arm64) anyways as the transition away from Intel-based Macs continues. This is what I’m personally doing so I’m ‘eating my own dog food’ on this, although for older MacBooks that nothing is useful on anymore, it’s fun to have Haiku bring these back to life.

/boot/system/add-ons/kernel/drivers/bin/hda, IIRC.

Have a look at how I solved wifi and audio out on a macboon pro 2014.


/boot/system/add-ons/kernel/drivers/bin/hda, IIRC.

Thank you! I gave this a try, found the driver locally, and did some troubleshooting of typos, but it did not seem to result in sound working for me. It’s probably not worth me putting much more effort into troubleshooting at this point, but anyone else can feel free to keep using this thread to collaborate on work they do to get their Macs working :+1:

  1. Boot into OSX
  2. Reboot into Haiku
  3. plug headphones into 3.5mm socket

Sound should work with default hda driver. This is how I get audio out on MBP late 2014. On these forums, people had similar success with older iMacs.

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