TP Link TL-W822N - USB WiFI - did this work - HOW?

is TL-W822N working with Haiku ?

Sorry I am a noob how to configure ?

Well, like that, it is difficult to know. TP Link is producing dongle with chips from various manufacturers.
For now on Haiku, in matter of USB WiFi, only few chips of Realtek are supported.
You can recognize them because their name starts by RTL. Beware that Realtek also make chips that are commonly used for ethernet, so don’t jump on the first one you will spot in your syslog.


connected it to a Linux BOX…


Bus 001 Device 005: ID 2357:0108 TP-Link TL-WN822N Version 4 RTL8192EU




RTL8192EU rev B

Checked in this thread and apparently, it won’t work.

thank you!

found a old TL-WN722N did this work ? and how ?


HWinfo: ath9k_htc: FW Version: 1.4

There are differences between the w822n, because we have two of the same in our hardware list, one is running and one not. There are not enought tests of this hardware to say more.

At first glance, I would say no. It appears that your revision of of TL-722N is using an Atheros chipset hence the name stating by ath.


How is the way to enable the WiFi w822n to check - my w822n is Hardware Version 5.
Oh the packages is printet: Ver. 5.20
Model: TL-W822N(EU)
P/N: 0152502332

thank you for the link

ok thanks for the info


got a RTL8188EUS is this OK ? or only RTL8188EU

Bootet from USB-Stick but no Wireless Network Card detectet only the onboard Intel E1000

I am not a developer, i manage the hardware list. Take a look there, more i can not say, sorry

ok thank you!

can you say is there a docu how to enable wifi ?

Hello haikun00b,

you can find a tutorial under

Have a nice day.