How supported are USB adapters?


any plan to support wifi usb,

i am fan of mini pcs like zotac zbox, or i-nuc but this can not have pci nor pci express slot for classic wifi adapter

i have old TPLink TL-WN723N wifi adapter and second Ralink.

thanks and second question by me is usb sound card support :smiley:

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USB Wifi is currently not supported at all and it may still take a long time until it works.
There are plans to support it one day,but I don’t know at which position of the To-Do list it currently is,you should expect at least some months.
If your computer has a Ethernet port,then you can use a Ethernet Wifi bridge.
It looks like a normal Ethernet cable for Haiku and the Wifi connection is configured using a web interface.
I have this one and can 100% recommend it: WiFi-Bridge Vonets VAP11G WLAN Adapter |
It works great for my Haiku computer where the built-in Wifi isn’t supported (it’s PCI but still not all cards work…)

hm, i dont know that exist something like this :smiley: Thanks,

put to ethernet and usb for extra power, ok that is answer not only for using Haiku but i testing linux and this will help me

UPDATE_ i find something similar TP-LINK RE200 AC750 Dual Band

sometime ago iirc, there was some wifi usb support for a very limited set of devices, some googleKungfu may yield results