Dual boot with Devuan Linux, patitioning, Grub2 bootloader

Hi there!
I show you my new “project” and would be very glad for every shred of advice… :slight_smile:
First: I’m completely new to Haiku. I was intrigued, downloaded a Nightly Build for x86_64 and it
just worked out of the box when using the live-cd!
So the computer I want to install Haiku to has the following layout:
There are two hds, the first one with an installation of Windows Vista (therefore NFTS-filesystem) and
also a installation of Grub2 in the MBR to start my main OS on the second hd: Devuan Linux.
I don’t need Vista any longer, my plan is to use the first harddisk for a fresh install of Haiku.
Point is: from what I read, it is recommended to do the partitioning BEFORE the actual installation
of Haiku. How would I do that??? Using Gparted, ok; but what patitions do I need for Haiku?
Also I don’t want to corrupt my Grub2 in the MBR of the first hd… :unamused: Any suggestions?
Thank you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Haiku only needs a single partition. Just use gparted to format it as FAT32, then when you install Haiku, reformat it to BFS.

Your grub2 should be left alone if you don’t install the Haiku bootmanager, but it is a topic that others have commented on. Just search for “grub” in this forum. Make sure you have another way to boot linux, just in case!

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you can look at the besly.de.
There is a Tutorial for Grub2 in English and german.


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Hi @michel,
thank you for your information! I will post, when it´s done… :grin:

Thank you, @lorglas,
looks like a tutorial even I could follow… :relieved:

Hi there,
It’s a old post but didnt see any clear answer and both links provided bt the otehr users are not avilable anymore.
Did you manager somehow to dual boot devuan & haiku?I’m actually trying the same with debian


those links have been moved to an archive


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Thanks but it didnt fix my problem, unable to dual boot haiku over a debian linux which is what i’m intending
I tried to look for some post but they are either too old or not exactly what i need

The instructions are in Haiku installer welcome text. Or you can just follow the instructions for dual booting windows, the process is the same

Grub Legacy (aka Grub 1) configuration:

title Haiku
root (hdX,Y) # Replace X and Y with relevant values of disk and partition number (both start with 0).
chainloader +1

Grub 2 configuration

menuentry Haiku {
set root=’(hdX,msdosY)’ # X starts with 0, Y with 1
chainloader +1

The instructions didnt work for me unfo. Pls ee attached my partition scheme, unable to guess what im doing wrong

Can you try keep your things in one thread please?

my things are covered by both therads someone startup time ago, actually as I’m requesting help for DUAL BOOT LINUX and GRUB2. You can just disregard them

(I modified my previous comment - missed a line).

Your configuration for GRUB2 would be:

menuentry Haiku {
set root=’(hd0,msdos4)’
chainloader +1

Additionally, you can use GRUB2 interactively as a shell. When you are presented with GRUB2 menu, just press ‘c’ button to enter the shell. After that, you can manually write all the commands between braces one by one and see GRUB2 answers to ensure you selected BFS partition to boot. You can also press TAB key for autocomplete. This is useful to see what partitions exist on the selected disk. After the last command, just issue one more command to go on:


I just succeeded in booting Haiku on my drive which has three Linux systems on other partitions. I followed the directions at https://www.haiku-os.org/guides/installing_haiku_image_disk_partition

A thread about my adventures is at [SOLVED] Where is haiku-anyboot.image?

The GRUB2 stanza that I’m using is:
menuentry ‘Haiku’ {
insmod chain
insmod eb
set root=‘hd0,msdos8)’
chainloader +1


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My onw Grub2 Bootloader have:

menuentry "Haiku" {
set root='(hd0,msdos1)'
chainloader +1

And Grub2 use the partition boot parameters (hd0,msdos5) for Debian
I don’t really understand why we must prefix msdos before the partition number. There is no msdos on my system to my knowledge.

I’m having trouble on my PC Tower and native install of Haiku :grimacing:. The OS launch but after few seconde - one minut passed on the desktop the system is crached.

I usually use virtualbox for this OS but I want test it on my native machine but it crash. (64bits ed)

This is how Grub calls the legacy MBR partitionning scheme. If you used GPT it would be (hd0,gpt1), for example.

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It seems that the instability of the system is related to the internet connection. But I’m not sure.
Freeze during Software Updater, WebPositive use and too pkgman is it possible?

I’m using a Wifi connection.

I got around this Software Updater failure on WebPositive by installing OtterBrowser and uninstalling WebPositive. I can get through the Update process only with WebPositive uninstalled. For testing WebPositive, I’d suggest installing it after system update and uninstalling it again before system update. At least for the time being or if someone else has a better idea.

The OS crash before I can install OtterBrowser…This is an Atheros (5008 or 5416) Wifi card.