Haiku will not load to a partitioned HDD and run

Have you looked at the instal guide of haiku to see how to install and confugure the hdd?


Here is my tutorial:


You must do a Be system file partition on your hard drive for install Haiku on it. There is a tool the Installer can pop up it to create it.

If you plan to have multiple operating systems, also you must but not sure if this is necessary in your case create a boot menu on the drive…If you have already Grub boot loader you must configure it.

Also, in the Haiku installer, there is a menu to create a boot loader (but just for Haiku I think)

Boot using the CD:
… To do so, hold SHIFT before the CD begins to load. This will bring up the Boot Loader Options.

I load the DVD and partition to Be system file partition. I make the partition and load the software.
I reboot holding down the shift key.
I get an error " GRUB no such partition"
“Grub Rescue starting”…it never does.

Please try to follow this guide!!
No Grub needed!

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If you have an other system on your computer you can use Grub for select the OS you want to run…
To boot Haiku from grub I had to edit a configuration file of Grub in my Debian (second OS on my computer)…In this config file the Grub menu must point to the Haiku partition. You can use the software Grub-Customizer in linux is more easy.

An other option is to use the menu from the Haiku Installer. (in left up corner of Haiku Installer) and set the booting partitions of your OS.

So…Maybe this topic will be help you about Grub configuration file.
Grub is generally given with a Linux distribution…
Dual boot with Grub

But If you have only installed Haiku on your system…I don’t really understand the trouble because I think Haiku load directly after a fresh install.

Note: You must install the Haiku system on the BE FileSystem partition you had created and you need to formated this Be partition before installing the Haiku system.

I just spent another couple of hours trying to get the OS to work, it wont.
One of the steps in broken English was to use “Boot Manager”?
There are no options for boot manager that are ACTIVE. Every thing is grayed out for that step.
All of my computers are Linux. I may try to use a windows machine to see if that helps.

I just reinstalled Haiku now it went well but I had to install the Haiku menu + write the bootloader. this is in the installer up corner options. (if no menu Haiku don’t run)

You must absolutely select the partition where is haiku is installed to write the bootloader from haiku

This likely means you forgot to check “active partition” when creating the Haiku partition in drivesetup, or that your disk was initialized with a non-standard MBR (for example, a leftover one from a GRUB install). In the latter case it can be fixed with “writembr”, but in the former, there is currently no way to activate an already existing partition from Haiku.

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This can be the second option in my case non-standard MBR I had a Debian partition on the machine with GRUB. After, I have put a Windows virtualization OS to attempt to virtualize Haiku because trouble about Wifi on it…But this Microsoft OS seem doesn’t work on my machine. So I had do recreate a Haiku partartion over it.

I don’t know writembr thanks for the tips . In my case, I had finaly used my Debian netinst disk in rescue mode to recovery a GRUB Menu after all. The dualboot work then now.

I do not have the “Read Me” files loaded on the DVD, does that matter?

I’ve tried every Haiku "how to load " topic there is and no matter what I try, the software will not load onto the HDD properly.
I NEVER see the Splash screen, only the “do you want to run on desktop or install” window.
I take a wiped hard drive( I have tried FAT, NTFS and Linux partitions on the blank drive)
I does not seem to matter if I partition 2 GB, 10 GB or the whole drive.
I load the drive into the desktop computer and boot with the DVD in the reader:
I then follow the steps as written here. I does not seen to matter if I use “boot Manager” or not. I get the same errors or nothing happens at all after loading the software and hit “restart”
99% or the time I get a blank,black screen.
It does not seem to matter if I hold Shift key at boot up or not.
I get the same type errors.
This site will only let me post ONE image. not much help I’m afraid.

I wiped the drive, loaded the software again from the DVD and now when I boot I get an error " No sys loader!"

Unfortunately the image is truncated. It would be a lot more helpful if we could see the complete message.

The error message and the HDD has been wiped.

I NEVER see the “splash” Haiku logo when loading the software.
I’m thinking the software site may have been corrupted and the downloaded OS will not work?
Either that or there is a step missing in formatting the hard drive? I’m not willing to quit as yet but and close to forgetting the whole idea.

I just tried another newer computer and the problem must be me. I do not partition the HDD properly even though I follow the instructions.
I’m at a loss.

Be awarre when you partition of a disk. The disk hilmself is not a partition. The partition must be INSIDE the disk not on.

-------->Partition (BE File System)
---------------->Files (Haiku System)

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Attempt to make it more clear with some pictures…

This is a tutorial for a wiped disk from zero …

First step download a Haiku iso CD image compatible with your Hardware (32bits or 64bits version) depend of your motherboard.


Unzip the iso file from the downloaded zip file and burn the ISO on CD by a software like Imgburn.
For now the CD MUST be bootable from your computer when you start it. (You must set it in the BIOS if your CD don’t boot, maybe the burning process was BAD too if the CD dont boot).

After rebooting computer with the CD you have this:

Select your language and Keyboard config, then Run Installer.

Now this…
Continue…The next step
A dialog box said you don’t have a partition for installation process clic OK
You must create the partition…So click on : Set up partitions…
Now you MUST select the DISK drive where to put the partition (for install Haiku) and
INITIALIZE IT TO Intel Partition Map
then…Click Continue (And watch 2 times for not make any mistake)
Yes click on Write changes (if you are sure)
After that you must see a empty space on the Drive you have selected before…select this Empty space like on the picture.
You will create a BE File System partition ON this Empty Space
Select Be File System partition Type. Active partition too and then create.
Click on Write change for finally create this new partition.
You must now format this new Be File System partition.
Right click on the Be File System partition you have created and select Format>Be File System
Confirm by clicking Continue.
And click Format.
Write Changes the routine…
Now we can be happy the partition is done and formated! Click OK.
And now you can quit the DriveSetup panel by clicking on left upper corner.
Again on the Installer panel now…You must just select in the 2nd box the partition you have been created before on your Disk.
Then click when you are sure of your choice on begin
Installation process…leave it alone…
And after that and a reboot Normally you have Haiku Beos installed and booting.


This is normal. The nightly images are not officially supported Haiku builds, so they are de-branded. You get only the icons on the splash screen.