Dual boot with Devuan Linux, patitioning, Grub2 bootloader

This may have just been coincidence. I can’t imagine how the presence (more so if it’s not even running) of the Web+ app in your system can influence SoftwareUpdater or pkgman in any way…

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I can imagine one way. The current limitation in Updater that deletes downloaded packages and forces and complete re-download if the process fails at any point before the update is complete. I was running into a repeatable fail during update that happened while downloading Web+.

Still weird. :slight_smile:
The Web+ package is on the same server as all the other packages. Being below 500 KiB in size, larger packages should be much more probable to fail with a flaky connection.

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Yeah. I don’t get it either. Sometimes I have the problem. Sometimes I don’t. Its usually just downloading Web+. Sometimes other packages give problems. Sometimes everything works flawlessly. As in I can try it for a week solid and then give up due to persistent failure. Then I can try again the next week and it works fine. The joys of Beta software and picking which battles to fight and which to let go for the best forward productivity of the project. :slight_smile: