Wi-Fi & Ethernet Testers Wanted


~> listimage | grep dev/net
1330 0xffffffff8147a000 0xffffffff814fd000 0 0 /boot/system/add-ons/kernel/drivers/dev/net/iprowifi4965
1555 0xffffffff81f03000 0xffffffff81f6b000 0 0 /boot/system/add-ons/kernel/drivers/dev/net/ipro1000
TEAM 879 (/bin/grep --color=auto dev/net):
~> uname -v
hrev52139 Jul 29 2018 21:03:40

I’m adding my info even though Waddlesplash has marked the iprowifi4965 driver as “OK” because my computer will either connect to my WPA2 access point the first time or try to connect and fail four or five times before finally connecting.

I am using a Thinkpad X230 if that helps.

What could be causing this?


Failed auto-join is a known issue. As for the repeated failures, that’s probably DHCP, also a known issue. So the driver is probably working fine, at least. :slight_smile:


Thanks! Just wanted to let the devs know.

Is there a way to get debug messages about the DHCP lease?


Open a terminal window and type this in:
tail -F /var/log/syslog

That will show you DHCP activity, and everything else logged by the system.


realtekwifi not stable, I had it booting and showing up, but last runs (hrev52245) sends me to KDL:


I just remembered I have a netbook with a defective LCD output that still has a working HDMI output and it’s identical to a model I still use. Could you use that if I sent it to you?


Unfortunately I probably won’t have any time to look at it :confused:

Actually I think @mmu_man made some potentially relevant fixes lately, but I dunno if it was enough to get those devices to work. (I think he has a similar netbook.)


Mine are Dell Inspiron Mini 10 - they were quite popular back in their day, although they’re 32-bit only with 1GB RAM soldered on the same card the CPU is soldered on, which is connected in a slot on the motherboard. So the upgrade to 2GB RAM was more expensive than worth the trouble, and now they’re rare. But its size and the fact that it’s still good for basic communication makes it quite comfortable and useful compared to any phone, as long as you know what software to put on it. :slight_smile: