Tiny Haiku computer

I just acquired a Lenovo M710q (10MQ-S02B00) computer to replace my old rusty laptop.
Install went fine, all hardware seems to be working as supposed (even the integrated audio and the jacks too), mic input and recording works too. If you need a small computer, check it out.

Mine came with:

  • i5-7500T CPU
  • 8 GB RAM (2 slot, one free)
  • 256 GB NVMe SSD (my machine comes with only one NVMe connector, the soldering pads are there for the second one, but no connector mounted on it)
  • extra place for a 2,5 SATA HDD/SSD
  • DisplayPort (converted to HDMI with a 3rd party adapter)

Specs-sheet: https://gzhls.at/blob/ldb/1/e/0/1/5940c0a47e3e0bf22709902e96aa09283d54.pdf
Other docs: https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/thinkcentre_pdf/m710q_ug_hmm_en.pdf


So, you can drive an external monitor through DisplayPort-to-HDMI converter in Haiku? Only if a driver is available (not VESA/framebuffer)? Can you do the same from a laptop? Can you please clarify? I am very interested to that. Thank you.

DP++ port converted to HDMI with a HP adapter. Works with VESA and with framebuffer.


Thanks a lot @extrowerk. Will try it out…
…and it worked!!
First time I saw Haiku in my external 24" monitor and not on laptop screen!! Amazing, didn’t know that I could do that. Thanks again @extrowerk, really appreciated :slight_smile:

After setting everything up i can just recommend this machine, works like dream.


I concur.
I have the exacte same machine (with an i5-7400t and 16GB RAM) and it works very well as my main computer with Haiku and Linux and I also have a DP to HDMI converter for my second monitor.
With GhotsBSD, I had problems with the audio interface which was not recognized correctly.
I haven’t tried vanilla FreeBSD yet.

So the machine have integrated speaker, which works, also the jack output. Jack-sensing also works.
Tested the recording capability with a headset with in-line mic, works.

Probably this small box provides the best compatibility for a newcomer.

I thought Haiku doesn’t support a second monitor. Or does it only work in Linux?

I just went to the Lenovo website and got the message “Sorry, this product is no longer available” for that product. Just out of curiosity did the wifi work too? At least I could use the tech specs to find a comparable machine.

I was looking at these on eBay a few months ago as a possible Haiku machine. Good to know they work well. They are usually quite cheap too, around $200 or so.

I suspect a lot of these small form factor machines would work well for Haiku. My understanding is a lot of them are former office machines which are off lease or being upgraded, but since CPUs have not improved that much in the last decade they are still decent, especially with enough RAM and a SSD or NVMe drive.

Thanks for the report extrowerk.

Yes, it only works with dual monitor under Linux and the BSDs. My reply was poorly worded.

And yes, @OneRyan , WiFi works under Haiku.

Just bought an internal DP->HDMI converter module (the machine can extended with upto 2 module which can be either SVGA, MDP, DP or serial port, but only one can be used for video, the second one needs to be serial). Now no external adapter required.
The FRU is 04X2752. Works wonderfully.

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If you haven’t you might submit a report on this to the list of compatible hardware:

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