R1 Beta 1 Testing Image - Pre-RC


Good afternoon!

I’ve seen a few interested parties in the forums, here are one of the early r1 beta 1 testing images.

64-bit: (Non BeOS Binary Compatible)

32-bit: (BeOS Binary Compatible)

Please Keep in mind:

  • Really early r1beta1 branch build with r1beta1 repositories.
  • Pretty much mainline Haiku with a few “we know this GPU doesn’t work, so it is disabled since VESA is better”-style fixes.
  • OFFICAL_RELEASE which includes all the nice branding, etc has not yet been enabled.

THIS IS NOT THE FINAL R1 BETA 1. These are early images for testers!
Systems installed with it though should upgrade cleanly to R1 Beta 1.

Hrev52295 (pre-rc beta1) screenshots!
R1/beta1 release plans - at last | Haiku Project
R1/beta1 release plans - at last | Haiku Project
Haiku 64bit on Ryzen
Haiku 64bit on Ryzen