Hrev52295 (pre-rc beta1) screenshots!

First of all, a big thank you to @kallisti5 for sharing the pre-rc builds here!

So, earlier this week, I announced taking several screenshots of a build… but they weren’t part of the beta1 branch. When I read a new build was available (which meant to me a new build to take screenshots of!), I got right to it. :slight_smile: So I’m really hoping that everyone enjoys looking at them as much as I have, and make others here excited. :smiley:

The full set is at my blog, and as before, I’ve attached a few below as well:








Please, don’t do this. Wait for the beta.

That’s actually my genuine plan after this set. One of the main reasons (outside of being really excited about it) why I quickly put up this batch after the last one is because I got the last build wrong and wanted to make up for my mistake. So don’t worry; I don’t plan to start uploading screen caps like crazy every single nightly from now to beta1. :smile:

Next set will be at least be the official RC, if not beta1.

This Screenshots showing haiku, as it looks days and years before, there is nothing special by it.

@lelldorin, Sure, it’s true that the UI, etc. all looks the same, but it’s everything happening that’s awesome. I guess to me the something ‘special’ is that a build finally has a “pre-rc r1beta1” label to it after years of just nightlies and Alpha 4.1. And I’m hoping to spread that cheer to others. :slight_smile:

It’s not awesome that we can still boot to the same desktop as before. As I often say “beta” is overrated and people get excited on… well nothing at all.

It would be more worthwile to show the recent developments in Haiku, for example running LibreOffice, Telegram, and the new preferences (SoftwareUpdater, etc).

You are right, but haiku does not looks good for many people who nows systems like win or Linux at all, so screenshots should show much more.

I will waiting for the beta Release and then i add New Screenshots to the besly Website. But here too, the screens must be better as the alpha 4.1 ones.

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I agree beta is much more than a label, but I also know the beta isn’t suddenly going to look different than alpha 4, 3, etc. on the top surface to the end user.

I’m holding back the main screenshots, etc. for the rc at least. But even with this build, I did have a note on one screenshot mentioning launch_daemon in servers, the classic decorator option in Appearance, Repositories, SoftwareUpdater, the Depot, and even mentioned Noto.

But imho, I think it’s a bit early on to start showing applications like LibreOffice, Otter, etc. off; I did try looking for browsers when I took the screenshots but only Web+ was offered. Overall, though, I’m hoping to save all that for when beta1 rc comes out and post the photos everywhere I can.

There are bugs I saw in my short time testing; the Installer text is cut off in several places and a screensaver crashed.

Also, I can’t say enough how much Haiku needs real wallpaper, more colors, simple help cards, etc. I can’t mention that enough. One of these days I might just present a demo image to the community to see what everyone thinks about the changes, like if a blue is too blue, etc. It’s the 21st century now, and I get tired of passing users saying Haiku looks like an old Windows version.

I think this is great! I really enjoyed seeing your commentary through the screenshots. Despite the reactions in this thread, there’s no wrong way to be excited about Haiku.

I’m looking forward to your next one!

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Thanks for the encouragement! :slight_smile:

I noticed you’ve altered the Deskbar’s layout; perhaps when the beta comes out, you could go nuts and demonstrate how tweakable the desktop is (changing wallpapers and colors, adding replicants, LnLauncher, and so on), so that people who’ve never used Haiku can get a glimpse of some different look-and-feel experiences.

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I definitely intend to have some fun with Haiku when the beta is out; show attributes, install and run a few applications, set backgrounds and play with Appearance some. :slight_smile: