LibreOffice is now available for Haiku

For the moment Lible Office is nothing for me. Always crashing, to slow. Calible office works fine. I hope the port will be better next time, then i will test again.

Thanks for your work

AFAIK, LibreOffice only crashes on exit and it should be harmless.

You can workaround it by creating ~/config/settings/system/debug_server/settings with the following content:

executable_actions {
       LibreOffice kill

Posted screenshots of LibreOffice 6.2 being tested on the latest nightly in a separate thread – thank you so much to the people that ported this over! It is really incredible, and an awesome addition to the Haiku operating system! Seriously, thanks can’t be said enough.

It does crash on first launch or after closing documents, but otherwise, works wonderfully. It is really remarkable.

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Always crashing? I admit it does on first run, closing down, etc. but otherwise at least on my machine, it works fine for me so far. Help encourage everyone who made this feat possible! :smiley: They did an outstanding job. More than I could ever hope to do – honestly. This is hard work. For instance, if I ever even attempted anything like this, I would have had to port over parts of X, etc. but this runs right on Haiku naturally! Bravo to the ones that did this!

Still no 32 bit package. :frowning:

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Hopefully it’ll make its way soon.

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Super but what about GobeProductive.
Why can’t use it with Haiku?

Why not? you can use it, at least in 32 bit Haiku for now.

X86_64 breaks binary compatibility with older apps that were compiled for BeOS and early Haiku. X86_gcc2 is required to run apps compilied for the 32bit ABI. Both x86_64 and x86_gcc2 run fine on 64 bit hardware. You just need to run 32bit apps in Haiku 32bit x86_gcc2.

Also this is a year old thread. Questions should be made in a new thread instead of digging up old threads.

Very likely NicNac first searched the forum for existing threads about LibreOffice and picked it up from there.


Java is still necessary?
I hate Java because is very dangerous. Haiku all process are root. In my opinion Java must be deleted from LibreOffice

  1. How about native language? Normally LibreOffice have ‘package’ for each language
    /Yes. I think about Polish Language/

Fish, powerline and co, valgrind , and tex :wink:

Why? If someone new will came and search for that on forum, then he will get 27 topics about the same, just because everone will start from begin?

This thread is (now was) about LibreOffice. The question that pulled up this old thread was not about LibreOffice. It was about why he couldn’t get GoBe Productive running on Haiku. That’s a totally different topic. Not digging up old threads is to prevent 27 topics on the same thread. This is a much more prevalent problem than making new threads causing 27 topics about the same thing. What happened here is more often than not what happens.

Say I’m looking for info on GoBe Productive. Why would I look in a thread about LibreOffice? And on the flip side, why would I want to wade through a GoBe discussion when the topic is LibreOffice?

And now this thread has dived even further off topic of LibreOffice than before. GoBe Productive at least shares the productivity suite aspect with LibreOffice. Thanks.

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A ye, you`re right.

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Java was never required in LibreOffice. It was an optional component. It is not used in the Haiku version.


Well, if it is not required, what is it for?

AFAIK, it IS required for the database application.

Maybe you should ask the LO guys, why it is optional dependency.

Unless and until I decide to use Base (the database function in LibreOffice) in Haiku, it’s only of academic interest to me. I was simply pointing out to Pulkomandy that Java is required by that function - at least in Windows. If the function works without Java in Haiku, then whoever ported it must have come up with an alternative way of doing whatever Java does.

Or, Base is not fully functional.

When LibreOffice was made Java wasn’t available. Since we have it now I’ll try to look into it.