LibreOffice is now available for Haiku

I was asking elsewhere whether to install Haiku on a 32 bit machine, or 64. I will want to use LibreOffice, and I am now wondering whether the 32 bit version is working yet. If not, that will dictate going the 64 bit route.

32 bit version is working.

I would recommend not making LibreOffice dependent on Java; or at the very least, don’t make the package depend on a JRE (this is the way it is on Windows; it’ll use the JRE if you request it but it won’t otherwise.)

Further, Base does not need a JRE for normal operation; it only needs it if you want to use certain obscure Oracle database formats. So unless anyone actually needs these, don’t even bother trying to set it up, it’s a pain to do even on Linux.

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Of course, that was what I had in mind. Creating another package with LO database formats and make it depend on JRE.

“it’s a pain to do even on Linux.”

I can second that. I can’t get it to work in Linux. But it wasn’t presented as an option. It refused to work at all unless JRE was installed. Same in Windows.

That’s good news. Thank you.

Exellent news, BTW it would be great to obtain an “official approval” by LO team:

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“Extended tips” can be activated in the LibreOffice Writer, but only temporarily.
Unfortunately, users with a miserable short -term memory, like me, unfortunately need that.

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Does printing work ?

So far I haven’t tried to print. When LibreOffice for Haiku is ready to import complex pages from MS Office (Writer), I’ll try!
It works amazingly well, but OpenOffice does the import ‘out of the box’ almost perfectly! Maybe it’s because of s.g. ‘Preferences’? - which I didn’t do though.

Hello @cocobean,
you wrote few days ago on IRC Channel that you have successfully build LibreOffice with working spelling, grammar and thesaurus:

Have you any plans to upload it to Haiku Depot?

A working spell checking would be great! :blush:


ILibreOffice and are built for Haiku R1B4.

I posted LibreOffice for the next update to Haiku Depot.


Libre office version 24 was released some weeks back…wonder when this will be available in haiku R1B4

One doesn’t simply “upload” things into the depot.


Almost done. I’ll update it soon



That was fast…thanks…really appreciate

libreoffice is THE main thing for me…lot of work…

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Not yet in therepos…!!

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In process. I want to update Qt6 to 6.7.0. before updating LibreOffice.