LibreOffice is now available for Haiku

Hi there, just wanted to let everyone know that we have LibreOffice working and it already can be installed via HaikuDepot.

Since this is a preliminary version it has some known issues:

  • It closes the very first time you launch it (it creates a user profile in ~/config/settings/libreofficedev)
  • You can’t change the font - everything is rendered using the same font
  • Only menubar looks native, many widgets are just bitmaps which come from the icon theme
  • Some rendering problems here and there (scrollbars, listviews, etc)
  • Crashes on quit sometimes

Most of the work was done by KapiX. I just wrote a few patches, a recipe and managed to build it using haikuporter with help from 3dEyes.

Some screenshots made by 3dEyes:


Thanks to everyone involved for getting it running!


Excellent!! I look forward to the updates!


New version with native look and feel is coming soon…


Looks very nice


Wow…very impressive work, even if it is still a bit buggy :wink:
Thanks a lot to everyone involved!


Most of the bugs are fixed too now.


WOW! I haven`t expected to see it earlier than in incoming a few years! Good job!

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Very exciting! Thanks to everyone who got this marvel running!

Just two questions: What minimum version is needed, and what repo in the Depot is this available in? Thanks!

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Thanks! I’ll try this out tonight! :grin:

I’ve just installed latest 64 bit nightly build, but I get an error message when starting Libre Office. I’m missing

Depending on when you got the package, you can either install the missing packages or:

pkgman update
pkgman uninstall libreoffice
pkgman install libreoffice
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pkgman install boost165 should fix it. Will fix it later in the recipe…

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Thank you all for some amazing work.

Now I need to find myself an old laptop that can run Haiku natively and start using it!


From the captions for the screen shots, this is LibreOffice 6.0. Correct?

I presume it is available in 32-bit and 64-bit variants?

When I have an opportunity for formal testing, I will assess how well files created/edited in LibreOffice are handled by MS Office. My current and prospective clients are using solely MS Office.

WOW!! Looks nice!!

Waiting for the native backend :slight_smile:

Amazing! This screenshot looks quite awesome already. Is the look and feel due to updates to the Haiku look&feel in the Qt port?

Yes, LibreOffice uses its own GUI toolkit - VCL.

Visual Components Library is responsible for the widgets (windowing, buttons, controls, file-pickers etc.) operating system abstraction, including basic rendering (e.g. the output device).

VCL provides a graphical toolkit similar to gtk+, Qt, SWING etc.

VCL has several backends: GTK2, GTK3, Qt5 and KDE5 which is fairly new:
History for vcl/unx/kde5 - LibreOffice/core · GitHub.

Our Qt port also has BControlLook mapping, see:
History for styles - threedeyes/qthaikuplugins · GitHub.

Thanks! What I meant was how is the difference between the first screenshots in the post itself and the screenshot from your comment explained? For example the scrollbars and drop-downs look native in your later screenshot. I thought the BControlLook-mapper already existed in the Qt port since a long time, I remember making changes to it myself. So if both screenshots use the same VCL backend, why does the second one look so much better?