Koder - new native code editor


Put them in /boot/home/config/non-packaged/data/Koder/styles.


Because they aren’t strictly settings. They are data that is used to configure Scintilla to highlight the syntax. Anyway, as @extrowerk pointed out, you can put them in any non-packaged data directory (both home and system) and they should work.


Yup got it to work (sort of).
Number (ID4) is ignored, and folding lines (in code) is also ignored (I think its background that is white no matter what you change it too).

Is it possible to change the font size? Its rather small for my eyes.


I’m confused by what you’re trying to do. Are you adding PHP support or creating a dark theme?

If you’re creating a new theme remember about styles/[name].yaml which have non-language-specific settings (like fold colors).


I am trying to create a new dark theme.

  • But Number (Cpp) ID 4 is ignored.
  • Same thing with Indent Guide (ID 37) where the Foreground settings is ignored.


It’s not ignored, it’s overriden. There is a copy-paste error in C++ style file. Fixed here.

White stripe is a Scintilla issue, fixed here.

Foreground and background change the colors of alternating dots, so this works fine (you got solid red line).

BTW. this style looks awesome! :slight_smile:


Thanks for explaination. I can send you the theme if you would like to.


I added my Dark theme (C++ only for now).
Its not perfect, I still cant change the white line (Brace ballance spaning over multiple lines).



Nice! I bet KapiX wouldn’t say no to a pull-request… :slight_smile:


I see there is a Koder app code editor already for iPad/iPhone. I can see this as a possible naming conflict, unless it’s based on it.

What about bounty? 3D acceleration bounty?

Did you see this? https://www.haiku.ai/

It’s not based on it, and I don’t intend to change the name unless the original author decides it’s a problem.


Yes I did. I thought about mentioning it, but it’s not an operating system. It is software, but very different in genre. Koder and Koder are both code editors. There’s more direct confusion.

I like the name koder. Run with it!


“I like the name koder. Run with it!”

Yes, but General Edmund Duke Coding App is not bad also, so if name could be changed, lets dont wait any longer!


I actually like the motivated own-made king :smile:


We can rerune Koder to:


Why not old hungarian alphabet then?


I like runes, but they are not made for complex text;-)


Why not HaiKoder?


Or HaiKode. Like XCode, only Haikuier.



Haiku integrated development environment?