Koder - new native code editor


Of course, runes were designed to be “written” with a knife on wood.


Isnt this thread about 3D accel?
I would not be happy if some guys would try to rename my intellectual product without my consent, but thats me and i never made anything, so i can be wrong.


I’m not serious. I thought we were just spitballing ideas in case there was an issue with that other Koder program.


If there would be any problem, the other party have also the right to rename itself :wink:


Except that’s not what Koder is supposed to be. It is only an editor and it will stay that way.

Besides renaming means new icon (kindly donated by others) and, frankly, you could find a clash with any name I choose because someone, somewhere made something called like this already.


This sounds too GNUish.


Nah, you’d need HINIDE = HINIDE Is No IDE
or something like that hehe :slight_smile:


KINK… Koder Is Not Koder-app