Koder - new native code editor


for the past two years in my free time I was working on both Scintilla and an editor that would utilize it. The result is Koder, presented below.
I have created it mostly to address problems I had with Pe (like inability to convert tabs to spaces), but it has some other features, that Pe does not, given how easy it is to add them using Scintilla.
That being said 0.1.0 is very basic and some features that Pe has might be missing.


New translations and support for additional programming languages welcome!


EDIT: Packages require Haiku >= hrev50800. See @PulkoMandy’s post below.


LF mark is too noticeable. I think it should be in the background as the tabs arrow mark. In short, the LF mark should not look more important than the text itself. You can use instead LF “¬”, or add that option.

Looks like something I’ll have to check out! :slight_smile:
I agree with damoklas, though, that the [LF] is too prominent. I’d also prefer “NL” (NewLine) as that seems to be more usual these days – or else the ‘¬’ symbol as d also suggests.

It should have the Same color like the Tab arrow or the whitespace color, i think.

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I want to try your app, but it need minimum hrev 50749. Why this limitation? I am running hrev50443. Please add an information for requiroments into your description.

Currently the packages are built with a dependency on “whatever people building the package are running”. This is one of the little annoyance we plan to fix with a beta release. Then we can make them depend on “beta1” (no specific hrev) unless otherwise specified in the recipe.

It should, but for some reason Scintilla does not allow this.
For now I’ll try to use smaller font for this.

I like that “Koder” work fast with big text files, finds and replaces text fast.
But I like more that mark for white space would be ticker like this “·” (U+00B7), now used is to thin and almost invisible.
Anyway, first impressions are very good.

And first bug:
if you stick to Koder window its preferences window, you can not resize Koder window to the right any more.

It would also be good if the marked line be visible in the inactive window (with some grey background? or smth).
And also will be good to have sorting lines option…


Looking good. Great to see people coding new user software!

I get an error when I try to load your x86_64 repo, though. The gcc2 one works fine.

I think in “file types” of “Koder” must be selected “multiple launch” (if I am correct at remembering english term), to be able to open multiple files.

Strange thing in /boot/system/apps I cannot change settings in file types permanently, only for a while in time of runing “file types” window (saving settings not work after close window).
I have no permissions for that? How can I get ones?

I think in “file types” of “Koder” must be selected “multiple launch” (if I am correct at remembering english term), to be able to open multiple files.

Why do you think so? You would have a milion Koders in the Deskbar that way. Opening multiple files works fine here. Do you have issues with it?

I do not need million files open, o no… only some times several files.
When I first time try to open second text file, it opens, but first disappear.
Then I try to cange file type setting to multiple launch, but settings not saved, I write about this above.
Then I copied “Koder” on the desktop and change its settings, it setting saved successfully. And that Koder be able to open multiple files in multiple windows.
Today, after reboot Haiku, I surprised that first Koder able to open multiple files in multiple windows, I investigate and found, that the first Koder “steels” file type settings from secont Koder, but if you change settings in second Koder, first can not open multiple files any more.
I think, you have anoder copy of your Koder with settings (or only settings) in multiple launch in its file types some where on disk your PC. If yours Koder be able open multiple files.
And I can add that, when settings in app is multiple launch you do not have it in deskbar in multiple app, open files is grouped in app.

I cannot reproduce this. It works fine for me with single launch. I have been testing this on x86_64 where I do not have other Koder binaries besides the packaged one. It indeed covers the first window when opening other file, but it does not close it.

I get an error when I try to load your x86_64 repo, though.

Does anyone else see this? It works for me.
I did get an error though when I forgot to plug the internet cable :wink:

Try open second file from Koders File menu trough “open”, first opened file window disappear.
(And for this mentioned above settings difference do not matter).

This is expected. If file has not been modified then a new file is opened in the window (after all you used the menu in that window, right?).

No, this is not expected. Its surprise! Try Pe or StyleEdit, they do not work in this manner!

Expected as in coded that way, in other words not a bug. I will change that behavior when I will add attaching windows to existing one with S&T.

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Working now, thanks