I want to change to Haiku... and what i need

Hello Forum,

I would like changing to Haiku and there are different software types i actually would need for my work … and i am asking myself, whether this already is available for Haiku.

  1. I need something like Photoshop … Photoshop6 is ok - I am not so happy with Gimp
  2. I need something like Illustrator … Inkscape is ok -100% - but maybe there already is something
    better for Haiku on the Vectorfront
  3. I need a simple 2D-Cad solution for producing Standard dxf, svg
  4. I want to run Maya …but Blender is ok
  5. and yes … must :slight_smile: … i want a RAD-Tool at least on the level of Visual Basic 6 with a middleware

Is all this meanwhile available for Haiku ?

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why so selfish ? … I am quite sure, that i would be able writing my very own Operating System - but very honest: Does this really make sense ???

I actually would be happy enough working with an Operating System which is neither GPL or has any listing on capital market.

Haiku of course would be a very good foundation for such an OS - but ! … not with the mistakes most Linuxsystems are doing.

What most people need is a Common Sense on the Middleware concept.

I do not need points 1-4 .-. Point 5 would be enough and it is not needed.
that there already exists a RAD-Tool.

What really is needed is a Middleware concept. Without a middleware concept Haiku will go in the same direction then most Linux based Operating Systems => NOWHERE

Always “Pumping UP” the TCP/IP socket will not be the solution

Maybe an idea: Work on a “Blockchain based” MIddleware concept

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I want to change to Haiku …and what i need

This all are unrelated to OS itself, but to 3rd party software.


Install Haiku to an USB Drive and find out for ypurself…

Sounds like WINE would solve most of the barriers?

Welcome Mark!

As brunobastardi pointed out, it’s easy to download a Haiku image and create a USB installation to see and test what software is available and if it fits your needs.

Here’s a quick stab at your list:

1.and 2. WonderBrush, ArtPaint or ports of Gimp, Krita, Inkscape (not sure how good the ports are)
3. Ports of LibreCAD or QCAD, never used those…
4. A port of Blender is available, but haven’t used that either…
5. Not sure what your requirements are, but there’s yab, a basic dialect with an IDE. Hven’t used that either… :slight_smile:

So, to see if all that works for you, best to install Haiku and test them yourself.


probably - and i am not so sure what i am really looking for - is something like Component Object Model (COM)

It didnt make me rich btw. - but at least i was “a little bit” able protecting my own knowledge on a computer.

JAVA and NET for me is too much “BLOAT” … Something what is “capselling” the desktop would be enough for me.

On Windows i mainly did work with the programming language “power basic”, which is using “CLASS” .,. and for “flat programming” the DLL-concept … with C and Fortran.

Structuring 32bit-CODE in DLLs and COM-Object mainly was my programming style,and what i call “Middlewareconcept”

Is there a similar concept on Haiku ? …what is mainly recommended for an application developer ?

Yes… it would - but maybe Haiku is the better Operating System concept …and maybe it is better writing software for a slim platform which is not so widely used then Windows/Wine, MacOS, Linux etc.

I am not so sure - thats why i am asking in this forum. And well … it is not a secret, that i just want to write an application and not an Operating System

Are you sure that is a welcoming attitude towards potential new users?. And we all agree that we want more people using Haiku, right? :wink:


I am not so sure, whether i want to work on a platform which is used by billions :)… thats why i want to leave Windows ?`

… but somehow I also do not want to work on a GPLplatform … and particulary not with macOS, which in my opinion is over capitalized and too much expensive for me on an “application layer”

[x] yes i want to use Standard Software and doing some own programming

[x] yes, i just want to run one operating system on a computer

[x] yes … my focus is Desktop and not network programming or “social engineering”

@Mark : My comment was directed at @ccipri, not at
you. I just wanted to advocate for a more welcoming atmosphere towards new users. Which is actually quite good in the Haiku community, especially if you compare it to other places on the internet.

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In addition to what @humdinger already wrote: Photoshop is a commercial closed source application and will only be availiable for Haiku if Adobe ports it over. Which, if we are being realistic, will never happen. But if you really need it you can try running it on Wine which was ported to Haiku recently.

The main programming target on Haiku is the Haiku API, natively for C++, which is described here The Haiku Book: Welcome to the Haiku Book and in the legacy BeBook (since Haiku started out as an open source reimplementation of BeOS) which you can find here: The Be Book . Since you´re already familiar with a BASIC dialect using Yab could also be an option for you. It´s a BASIC dialect with native access to the Haiku API and an IDE. I can´t tell you more since I don´t use it but there is a small but active developer community using it.

Hope that helps for a start…feel free to ask if you want to know more details.

  1. As named before. Take a look at Krita, i dont know if this software can be a solution conterpart to photoshop at all, but it looks good.
    1a. There is a system own graphic app named Wonderbrush
  2. If i remember correctly Inkscape is available on haiku past some weeks?
  3. Wonderbrush can handle svg files
  4. We have Blender
  5. As named before, take a look at yab, a basic dialect with components to use the Haiku API.
    5a. Here a example that you can do with yab, with some expierience

ImageMagick GUI for Haiku

Welcome to haiku

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Thanks for Reply…

maybe more suggestions coming in - particulary on the Application developing front :slight_smile:

Windows i was using with VB6 - but just as a frontend for my in multiple languages written DLLs and COMponents.

So my personal choice is - staying with WIN32 or doing something else.
WIN64 is not adressing 32bit DLLs correctly … and many other probs

My anger on this is too big …that i never will rewrite an application on windows.

If i will rewrite for a 64bit promising future platform, then just a slim desktop platform

… and well …viewing YAB without knowing too much what it is doing:

Interpreter BASIC for me is much too slow. I need something to make “QuickandDirty”-GUIs…but if there is no “middleware” concept implemented… i mean at least something like DLL (Dynamic LINK LIBARY), then it will not work for me.
I am writing critical algos in C/Assembler/FORTRAN etc. - whatever. Basic i just need to have an useability for my own code on GUI-Level and fast access to the OS-API

Because i actually dont know too much about HailkuOS - but for me it is a MUSTHAVE for decisionmaking for even trying it out for a minute in my life:

Is there a LINK-Libary concept in YAB ? .,. and what is the main concept in Haiku for Libararies written in multiple languages ? … Is there something like Dynamic Link Libary in Haiku … or better: Component Object Model ?

If i am not able protecting my personal knowledge on a computer … i simple will write a book and not a software <3

The analogous concept for DLL on posixy operating systems is shared libraries, I don’t know what the differences are duo to never having worked with dlls on windows.

The Haiku api is natively written in C++
You can view the api description here:

Well … this probably is exactly what i want to do: “Writing a 3rd party software” - but not with an ASCII-editor.

Beside already existing standardapplications, I also need:

  • Iconeditor

  • OpenGL obviously is existing

  • what is the best CAD tool for Haiku ?

  • what is the best texteditor … on Windows i use Notepad++

  • what is the best word processing software for Haiku ?

  • Is there something like a TranslationMemory Software ?

  • is there a standard (beside HTML) for Helpfiles ?

You can look through the packages and sort by category at depot.haiku-os.org. For example, regarding word processing, you can find LibreOffice and Calligra on there.

In the third party software ports you will find a lot of bugs yet a ton of bugs.

You can’t depend on haiku for multimedia work, Haiku is very cool but is not complete yet, very close enough but is not complete yet. Try a double boot and use haiku under your own risk n.n

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In Haiku there is the basic StyleEdit editor, basic installation also provides Pe (my favored one in Haiku), and you can install Koder (also more advanced editor), if you feel confortable in Terminal, there’s Vi, emacs, nano … (plenty to choose from) :slight_smile:

As suggested, maybe just install it, try it. Install a few apps, see if they work for you. And if you like it but your fav app doesn’t exist, or isn’t working properly, why not make that your first Haiku contribution?
You sound like a proficient developer with enough skills.

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