I want to change to Haiku... and what i need

Yes, you can use libraries in yab, means writing them once and using them in multiple projects.

It occurs to me that I should work on my yab IDE again, I’m going to push the whole thing further there, you can add everything (cases, subroutines, main, loops) to each project there, they are central to the work on disposal.

But yab is Haiku only, the language are only on this system.

More about yab on our knowlege base:


And yes you can create fast end easy a GUI then you know that you want to do.

YAB is an interpreted langugage, a dialect of BASIC.

.so files, just like on every *nixes.

There is also lazarus for developing GUI applications with pascal. I don’t know what the current state is but here is the latest thread: Lazarus 1.9 trunk Qt4 and Qt5 interface (screenshots)

If you like VB6 (I used to use that on windows 3.1 too) then it is not far off.

It doesn’t give you a native haiku GUI. But it is cross platform.

What happened to MeTos (GUI-Editor) I liked it much?

I was thinking exactly the same. Thank you for expressing it.

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seems this thread is becoming vital :slight_smile:

I already had a good application on Win32 … but somehow it is lost in nowhere

What are you recommending for 2D Vectorgraphics programming on Haiku ? … In Windows I was capselling GDI+ what btw, was alot of work … is there a similar concept possible on Haiku ?

What i at least would need is programming 2DVector mulitlayers

What is common sense on Haiku for 2D Vectorprogramming ?

many thanks … if this really all works on Haiku, then i am actually surprised :slight_smile:

but what is the common workflow in Haiku interacting with these apps ?

Is there something like copy/paste or clipboard ?

really ??? or is your nick program ? … I dont see, that there is something better for what i am doing

RAD Studio Embarcadero would be the best … but much too expensive

It seems you have plenty really basic question for which you can easily find answers if you boot Haiku in virtual machine or from a live USB. Consider to do that.


Exactly. If you don’t like how Haiku works and feels, all our possible answers won’t help you… :slight_smile:


I also just could stay with Win32 - I actually dont know what to do :)))

Welcome Mark,

if you need a short description how to generate a bootable USB-Stick under windows, try a look at how-to-generate-a-bootable-usb-stick-under-windows.

Regards lorglas


Actually it was VB3 that I used on 3.1. At the time they were touting OLE as I recall. Still, Lazarus is broadly similar in concept to VB classic and the UI is reminiscent.

VB3 was an interpreter basic. VB6 was a compiler basic … and well: it is still one of the best tools i ever used on a computer for programming … and it has a middleware concept.

Yes. And lazarus (free pascal) is also compiled.

Mmm, If you want to test it, maybe try a live USB or do an installation on a virtual machine. If you want anyway a real installation on your hardware, you could do dual booting without deleting your current OS to use it in case of emergencies.

i was trying it out -it is what i excpected

Yes - i miss something similar like photoshop
but my real problem probably is the IDE.
I am too much used to Visual Studio 6

I want to leave Windows … i am not going with Win64 - defintily not
maybe Paladin/Gambas on Haiku ? … any pros and contras ?

Gambas is not compiled as far as I know.

Paladin’s IDE depends on the usage of the “stack and tile” feature of the Haiku GUI. You probably won’t run into that on first glance. It lets you combine multiple windows into one by stacking windows on top of each other so the tabs become your indication of which is on top. Tiling connects windows that are side by side into one window.

Traditional IDE development is almost rendered obsolete by stack-and-tile. Multiple programs can be used together that way.

Thanks for reply Samurai,

what i need is a very basic overview about Haiku before i begin with any project on a new OS… I am completly newbie here.

and difficult: The programming “philosophy” i had on Win32 was giving me the security to do any project on a computer by “writing DLLs” in any language and giving them a “Look and Feel” of Windows with VS6
Somehow i need this concept too on a new operating system - but honestly i cant find a similar concept on Haiku for writing apps.

All writing in C++ might be possible for somebody who is working on an university or any educational sector with a solid income … but not for somebody who is fighting a freelancer ratrace fight

difficult: Win64 i dont want to go … Win32 obviously is an outrunning model and any other alternative i still dont see