Lazarus 1.9 trunk Qt4 and Qt5 interface (screenshots)

I did not wait who will port Lazarus (freepascal IDE) to Haiku and did it myself :slight_smile:
The error was simple. But I was looking for her for about 10 hours.

Lazarus 1.9 trunk Qt5pas(beta) + small patch in Haiku

It work!

Lazarus 1.9 trunk Qt4pas + small patch in Haiku


So you can bring EGSL back to HAIKU?

Awesome! Hope the bug in haiku gets submitted to trac and upstreamed, and the lazarus recipe appears in haikuports!

Whoa… great… can you explain how to do that?

Wow! Impressive job! Congratulations! :beers:

Looks shuweet! :slight_smile:

The main decision

You need to add a line to before build libQt4Pas (the same for

QMAKE_CXXFLAGS += -mstackrealign -mincoming-stack-boundary=2

Download the compiled library libQt4pas and libQt5pas

Who can add this (QMAKE_CXXFLAGS…) to HaikuPorts recipe?

big thanks for the file… i’ll try when i have time

You can submit a pull request to haikuports adding it. It would be very welcome to see this working again!

For test only :slight_smile:

Download Lazarus 1.6.4 qt4 (last stabile build)

Download fpc-3.0.2.i386-haiku from

Download freepascal source (optional need for Lazarus) from


Lazarus on QT5

Download Lazarus 1.8rc2 qt5 haiku


Very very interesting!!! Awesome job. Does the installation requires any tweaks?

I am looking forward to see it in Haikuports.

Lazarus 1.8rc5 qt5 in message below as portable requires only qt5 (5.6.1) from HaikuDepot

Lazarus Test App with qt5 haiku style (qthaikustyle in haikuports)

Top window: the native window of the Tracker settings
Lower window - Form1 : test lazarus program with the same controls with qt5 haiku style


But what happend with the scrollbar in the ListBox? :smiley:

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Trying to set up fpc, but fcpmkcfg is missing, so the samplecfg script won’t run. any ideas?

Scrollbar automatically disappeared :slight_smile:

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I had this error on old version fpc 3.0.0. New version fpc 3.0.2 is installed perfectly (Haiku x86 GCC 2 Hybrid)

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I recompiled freepascal 3.0.2 for Haiku gcc5 ABI
Download unofficial build freepascal 3.0.2 haiku (gcc5 ABI) For test only :slight_smile:


My last neews about lazarus in Haiku :slight_smile:

  • I created two vector icons for Lazarus
    from original logo
    my first simple vector icon
  • Added icon to app
  • Changed setting folder to ~/config/settings/lazarus
  • Complex build (qt4 and qt5). Lazarus work with qt4 interface, but you can build you project with qt4 or qt5 backend. See screenshot below. You can rebuild lazarus with qt5 backend, if need.

Download Lazarus 1.9 qt4/qt5 (builded in Haiku gcc5_hybrid)
Download libqt4pas and libqt5pas (qt5.9) for Haiku gcc5_hybrid (builded in Haiku gcc5_hybrid)
Download Qt5 (5.9.0-3) for Haiku gcc5_hybrid: qt5-5.9.0-3-x86.hpkg and qt5_devel-5.9.0-3-x86.hpkg

Select qt backend in Lazarus project