EGSL - A lost entry-level programming language

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In addition to the easy to learn programming language yab came a second interesting language, emphasis Arcade Games, the Haiku platform recently.

This refers EGSL (Easy Game scripting with Lua) which was written in Pascal and Lua scripts can execute. As with yab, a Lua script to be served by EGSL Binarie and are obtained in this way an executable program file. In addition, the programmer has incorporated various additional functions that creating 2D games simplistic.

On Haikuware games were published as “Wallman”, “Astro Rocks” and “Brick Master”.

List of published EGSL games:

Unfortunately EGSL is among the latest nightly builds of Haiku not execute what it goes back that folder structures have changed and write privileges have been changed.

As the developer of EGSL his first project in favor of a newer EGSL successor called Pulsar 2D has put into the drawer and you therefore can not expect a new build of this page, it would be nice if we could get this project in favor Haiku alive. The source code is freely available.

Unfortunately, my attempts have all failed, it falls short because often at the installation of the right components that are needed to compile the Pascal program. Just know me so not enough.

Since this is just for beginners is an interesting language (just like Yab), it would be nice if would be available for future Haiku.

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i should add a error message into haiku bug tracker.

will first try to recompile it again by myself.

i often get problems wie sdl (same trying compiling crimson fields), it is allready installed but at compiling i get message that sdl missed.

I’ve tried to follow some links, and found myself lost. There are dead links to haikuware, referring to source code. Where can one find the source code actually?

I’ve tried to follow some links, and found myself lost. There are dead links to haikuware, referring to source code. Where can one find the source code actually?[/quote]

i have it and share them overbeshare or i can send.mai it per mail if it is not so big.

Here is the source:

i want to ask again if anyone will take a loook on egsl to bring it back to haiku?

some time ago I had the developer or who had Ported it written if he could update it again, or whether he can still remember .
Unfortunately, he has no documentation and can not remember what he has done since.


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Past some times has gone, here again the wish to get the egsl Easy game scriptiing with lua, back to Haiku OS:

Source:on our website

Has something come to this?

crickets chirping

As much as I would like to see EGSL working for Haiku again, I think no one else does and the developer doesn’t either.

And his other “EGSL 2” is stagnating, too, last time I checked. Sad.

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Hello togehter,

EGSL is now avaiable on (Only for gcc2_x86 not for 64bit).
Repo: pkgman add-repo
The examples are not included, can be download with our IDE or direct from

Have fun.



Thank you lorglas for your work!!!

The IDE get an overwork and is available too. You can create your own games with egsl.

EGSL IDE download here: or using HaikuDepot
Tutorials can be found on:

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Is there anyone who can complete the commands/functions descriptions in the documentation for EGSL? There are several commands/functions that are just blank.

I would gladly start messing with EGSL again, if I had some explanation/examples of those commands/functions I could follow.

Great work!

The EGSL IDE needs to be set-up for the Pakcage management file system. It should copy all the examples to /boot/home/config/settings/egsl-ide/examples ( a writanble directory) and load them from there.

I am also having issues with closing files, the IDE seems to freeze and needs to be killed to get it back.

Otherwise, I like it!

This is not a result of the time before pm comes out. I do this because i want to save the exampels. If one want to use an example for his own project he need to save it as new file (i explain this in the about window of the examples).

But i should place the docs files into config to add a Update function in the future.

I does not have this problem by my self and will take a look.

Some examples are without a closing function like osberg demo, so one need to wait the demo ends. Not funny, but not a bug.

I does not know if there is a more complete documentation out there, because egsl ide was created at the last days of alpha 4. I need to see for it by my self too. Take a look into the official forum (link in the ide), or ask there. I know that one people starting to create a documentan, but i does not know the stand. All over the egsl project is dead and does not developed enymore because a new generation is started to create, named pulsar 2d.

You can lear many things using the examples too

If one opens an example in the IDE, and then attempts to run it, it cannot run because the files are in a read-only filesystem.

if one choses [File] [Close] or [File] [close All] from the IDE, it freezes up regardless of where the file was loaded from.

[quote=“bbjimmy, post:18, topic:3703, full:true”]
If one opens an example in the IDE, and then attempts to run it, it cannot run because the files are in a read-only filesystem.[/quote]

I have this only by wallman, here i know thebug and will change it. All other makes no error message or freezing on my system. I need to test it on my laptop to see more.

I does not have this problems. Try to reinstall it.

un-installed, re-installed. The issue with closing a file persists. I can open and run the examples if I drag the ide folder to the Desktop and run the ide from there.