HELP WANTED: Haiku R1/beta4 boot & hardware testing!

Hello everyone!

The first full builds from the Haiku R1/beta4 branch (currently in the “testing” phase so this is “Test Candidate 0”, not a Release Candidate yet) are available for x86_64 and x86_gcc2h:

  • r1b4_tc0 x86_64 (sha256: 56639feb29c6ad3a73c48e5ee2c3c83aa4bc70f9e70b16311a4c24c1eb4123d0)
  • r1b4_tc0 x86_gcc2h (sha256: 185396f09c0b96819cced6908edb89fb9fa83c80d032c334efe470fdcca23282)

If you have time, please test these on whatever hardware you have, in as many configurations as you can, and fill out this survey for each one (and of course, if you run into any bugs that you have not before, file tickets in addition to reporting it in that survey.)


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Well, created the USB stick and installed Haiku R1/beta4 to it and… long story short, I’m writing this from WebPositive on my Ryzen 5 4500 system, which consists of:

  1. Asus Prime B450M-A II motherboard
  2. AMD Ryzen 5 4500 CPU
  3. nVidia GeForce 9800 GT graphics card
  4. PCIe WiFi card
  • I’m booted in Framebuffer mode (1280x1024 x 32-bit), so I assume there is no native nVidia graphics card support at this time?
  • Just played an .MP3, so audio works
  • I’m here, so obviously WiFi works! :grinning:

Wish I had native resolution on my Acer monitor (1080P), because text is a little blurry, but other than that, everything seems to work good so far! Running off the USB thumb drive (bootup took a little bit), but thinking about testing it out on my Asus ROG Zephyrus G laptop next!


Thanks for testing – but don’t just reply here, please fill out the linked survey as well! That way we can get some easily-chartable statistics from a bunch of users instead of random forum posts :slight_smile:

I just did! Always glad to be of assistance when possible…


My first test went not so good but I think the used usb stick might be the reason (slow, El extreme cheapo).
Anyhow, I could boot on a system and I think the Nvidia patches for the kernel driver are not in this branch (one of them mistakenly labeled Intel smap fixes). Would be nice if it could be included though as if someone uses a PCI-e supported Nvidia card otherwise the boot crashes. Admittedly there are only a few early ones of those outthere.

I’ll see if I can also retest with another stick. Can you post a link to the survey here as well?

Update: oh yeah, it’s there after all, the link :slight_smile:

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I’m probably annoying with that, but after a long time I was able to boot on my mini desktop again yesterday and had WLAN. Both with a warm start after Win10 and after a cold start.
Booted wonderfully earlier (the rocket hangs longer, even yesterday), available WLAN networks were displayed, but after selection EVERYTHING was gone = no wireless networks found.
No time because a son with his wife and 3 children (grandchildren) returned from abroad after more than 12 years!
Greetings, Polly


Just posted my Asus ROG Zephyrus G laptop. Trackpad and built-in WiFi do not work, but plugging in a Logitech M570 and NetGear WNA1000M are quick work-arounds for both. Screen is also Framebuffer only, but runs fine in almost native resolution, given the screen pixels are so small, you hardly notice it’s not 100% native resolution. :grinning:

Actually it’s not so easy, because these commits didn’t go through Gerrit.

The second commit adds the two new cards with “#if 0” in the accelerant. Is it meant to be so?

I will check the beta 4 on one or more of my Fujisu Futro thin clients at home… i hope i find some time.

Hi, yes, these two cards are not yet supported by the accelerant, but I am testing with those. The PCI-e cards that -are- supported are actually already supported since years.

Only that will fail without the patch if these are used on newer main boards and CPU’s.

Edit: current supported cards, including some PCI-e types:

Just a quick note (has been around longer), screenmode 1366x768 isn’t available in safe mode startup nor in VESA (screensettings), this is a laptop with a 15.5" screen.

OK, feel free to comments on the change requests queued for beta4 on Gerrit.


I’m on a relatively crappy internet connecction (can’t wait for fiber next year…). Can we zip up those test images in the future (I expect the 1.4 GiB not to be 100% pure data)?


Yeah, we should have done so. It would have saved a few hundred MB… something for @kallisti5 to include in his processes I suppose :slight_smile:


Submitted a survey for my ASRock X570 Taichi, AMD 5800X & EVGA 3090 box.

Everything seemed to work except sound and bluetooth.

Was nice to see Haiku running on real metal again!


I tried to fill out the servey, but it didn’t like that I do not know the date of my old HP, but everything worked as expected.

Approximation would probably be fine when in doubt. My box is custom so there isn’t a date, I plugged in 2020 and called it good even though various bits have changed over the years.

Yeah, an approximate year is fine. And if you know the model number that is generally sufficient to look it up. Otherwise the model year of the CPU is a good enough fallback.