Hardware List: Compatible Webcams

To expand our hardware list , i would be interested to know which webcams are supported/or not supported.

Of course, this only makes sense if you run Haiku directly on hardware.

Please provide the following information:

Manufacturer: for example logitech
Model: for example 0815
Connection: for example USB
Haiku hrev number you use this on
Note: Information necessary for operation

Please don’t have any discussions about it here, only post hardware

Previous contribution

There are no USB webcams supported. The driver is not enabled, as it is not finished.

(Sorry to not follow that request here, but where I would provide some feedback about this otherwise?)

Also, instead of having to copy paste info form forum posts… shouldn’t be better to re-implement the server side of mmu_man’s “hardwarechecker.sh” (from this ticket).

In its current state, it generates a local report for the whole system (as the “submit” wont work for lack of said server side component). Still already quite useful.

A much better approach, IMO.

Quite simply, the principle of our hardware database is different. It’s about naming the user the hardware as he finds it in the store.

My BeSly System analysis program does the same as the script, except that you can enter personal information and names for the hardware information there. Unfortunately, this was not accepted as first hoped. Although there have already been more people who are involved there, this forum form has ultimately shown the most success.

That’s not correct, the UVC driver (for standard compliant webcams) isn’t working but some older models which predate the standard will actually work fine. This is a small list, but there are still some.

Not really: with these automated reports we don’t know if things are working or not. Wether it’s for bugreports or for the hardware database, we need people to check that things really work. Even if the drivers pretend it does, if you end up with a black screen, no sound, or a keyboard where only the control and alt keys work, there’s no way to detect that from inside the running OS. So we needs humans involved in the process for now.

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So, I add the one tested today :

Manufacturer: Macally
Model: Icecam 1 (not Icecam 2 ! Icecam 2 doesn’t work)
Connection: USB
Haiku hrev: 56627
Note: this is an old webcam (2006).
But it works with CodyCam.
Sometimes there is one on eBay.

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That mmu_man script generates a webpage, where the user can select from “works / does not works / unknown” (defaulting to the latter) for each device. Along with other fields where the user can input more info.

Seems pretty handy in that regard at least.

I would suggest running hardwarechecker.sh on Ticket #13671 – Attachment – Haiku, to see what I mean.

This project is always known but again, can a user buy hardware for a running haiku system, watching this list?

And on the other side, we had a big discussion about private data stored in hardware data during writing my BeSly System Analysis Tool, i add many possible data for devs and users, but i need to remove many of them to make the output free from private data. Is the script free of them?

The script and also my tool are of interest to add hardware data to bug reports. My tool does both, you can export your data as text file and you can create a webpage with the user-entered-data.

@lorglas The exported hardware list of my tool on BeSly looks ugly, sorry for that, it need to reworked here. The original output looks better.

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Maybe an issue with css. I will check it.

For the record: I really appreciate what you’re trying to accomplish!

My “concern” is with what I consider a process that requires the extra (and more importantly, error prone) work of copy/pasting info from free-form posts on a forum, instead of a more “standard” form with info automatically gathered from the running user system that can be collected directly into a database for further processing.

I’m not saying that script is THE solution. I mentioned it as an existing example of something that I consider better than free-form user reports, that’s all.

I wasn’t really aware of that BeSly System Analysis Tool, looks nice! Another example of what I was aiming at: anything but free-form user reports.

Hoping I made my original intention clear this time (sorry if I wasn’t before), now I can finally stay quiet about this :slight_smile:

Edits: slightly less broken English.

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:wink: Clear now

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