[Testing] PCI card support in HaikuOS x64

Hello and greetings from Ukraine. I am I guy from KolibriOS Team and I was always fancy about Haiku. Seeing a lot of various OSes (ALL) I feel the Haiku GUI the best.

You didn’t ask but I made a testing of several PCI cards in Haiku x64. :slight_smile:
Would be nice to add them into the list of Haiku Hardware Database but I could not find contacts of a creator. Maybe you could help.

Testing stand: Esprimo P2500, Celeron D 346 3.06, 2G RAM, HDD 40G, 1280x1024 usual resolution.

Matrox Millenium (Compaq, MGA 2064W-R2) - OS loads, after the rocket I see a debug console.

Nvidia VANTA/16M - hang and reboot before loading screen
Asus V3800/16M (TNT2) - hang and reboot before loading screen
PixelView PV-N18BP/128M (MX4000) - loads after the rocket it hangs
ATI Rage II+DVD/4M - works well! It is possible to set any resolution up to 1920x1080 and 1920x1200. Teapot gives 75-80 fps at 1280x1024x16.
ATI Rage Pro/6M - works well! It is possible to set any resolution. Teapot gives 78-82 fps at 1280x1024x16 and 56 fps at 1280x1024x32.
S3 Virge/GX - just a black screen, no image
S3 Trio64XXXX and S3 Vision 968 - black screen with 16 colorus because of VESA 1.2 I suppose

SIS 661FX (my native card, build-in, AGP8, 64M via RAM) - works well, any resolution. Teapot 80-88 fps at 1280x1024x32.

To be updated…


Wow! Congratulations! You and your team did an awesome work in KolibriOS. I remember trying it some years ago. Was incredible fast! :slight_smile:


Thanks, un_spacyar!

For now Kolbri is more a masterpeace of programming, an art based on logic and coffee :smiley:
Haiku is more mature system.
But soon we’ll need no more than a browser so we have a chance to be at the party with instant loading and perfectly fast even on 90 MHz CPU (if the Intel x32 would be the case, of course!!! :smiley: )


Some of these cards I also still have, I will see what happens over here as I’m curious what’s the problem. Matrox and Nvidia should work perfectly ok at least.

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Here we are, in the forum :-). Thanks for the data, but can you add this in a better form. I do not want to add bad informations.

We have a add hardware information here in the forum:

Hardware List for Haiku - Compatibility / Hardware - Haiku Community (haiku-os.org)

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Hi, lelldorin,
Yep, I’ve already downloaded BeSly System Analysis Tool .
Unfortunately, any action with DB is very slow on my system and the app have crashed several times when I tried to add by configuration.
I will try to do it again… Thanks.

Thats not good, you are on Beta4? I can not test my Apps on Beta4, because my networkcard does not supported anymore.

Already have a bug report open for the network card?

Sure, pending with the board, because drivers switched. If i have lucke, i can use it with beta 5 again.

We can put patches in the beta4 branch. So if you report it and it gets fixed, we can make sure the fix gets into beta4. No need to wait for beta5, bug fixes should be added to beta release updates.