Hardware List: must have?

What should be recorded in a hardware list? Please suggestions.

Already included:

sound cards
graphic cards
network cards
wireless cards
wireless external adapters
external optical drives
printers (need some data to add)
new: Pen Tablet

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I think Haiku must have a offcial Wiki like the Arch, or Debian wikis, with tricks, and lists like the hardware lists.

Pen digitizers.

Also known as pen tablet, digitizer tablet, graphics tablet or stylus tablet.
To some people they will be more familiar as “Wacom” because this has been the dominant brand for a lot of years, but there’s a plethora of brands out there: Huion, XP-Pen, Gaomon, Trust, Genius, etc…
This also include pen enabled devices such as pen monitors (Cintiq, Yiynova, et al) and “tablet” laptops (some Thinkpads, Fujitsu, HP, Dell and Samsung come to mind, there are others).
When the ARM port will be mature enough this can also include ARM tablets with specific pens.

So, any device that use a specific pen technology with at least pressure sensitivity.
It doesn’t include this kind of generic pens that work with any tablet or phone and are basically a substitute of a finger.

(Initially was going to call the category “pen tablets”, but nowadays with the ubiquity of tablets, any of the names that included the term “tablet” came with the risk of being mistaken for one of these.)

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You’ve got all the main categories covered I guess. The hardware list looks good, only two small cases of “Denglisch” I’ve discovered. It says “Datenbase” instead of Database in the top menu and below “Hardwareliste” which should of course be “hardware list”. Happens to me too all the time when typing fast in English. :slight_smile:

Thank you,

Typing error are solved.

Regards lorglas