Are Floppy Drives Supported?

I’ve been using Haiku for several years now (since Alpha 1) and, as my drive wasn’t recognised, always assumed that Haiku didn’t have floppy support, or at least, not for mounting. But I just read a post about floppies, and even doing surface scans in DriveSetup. Do I have a bug, or are floppy disks not widely supported?

Hi stellarpower!

I guess floppy disks are not widely supported, because they are not widely used anymore… :slight_smile:
Haiku does have floppy drivers, see “floppy” and “/usb/floppy_usb” in /boot/system/add-ons/kernel/drivers/dev/disk, but I have no idea how functional those are. mmu_man did most of the floppy driver, I think. Considering he does all this tinkering with ancient hardware he might be your best chance for more info and maybe eventually a working floppy driver.


I might have a word with him later, once I’ve shifted my massive to-do list. I think it’s a shame that floppies are on their way out, I know that they’re nothing compared to a USB stick for data storage, but I wouldn’t dream of building a PC without a floppy drive because they’re so useful to boot from.

You realize almost all if not all new computers can boot from USB?

Sure… if you were building a dated computer with used parts I would agree but yeah floppys are out you can’t even get quality ones anymore.