Worms Armageddon working in Haiku

Here’s how to get Worms Armageddon working in Haiku. Tested with the latest nighly build.

Download the beta of Worms Armageddon from here:


Extract it somewhere. Now download this fix:


Extract the archive and move the WA-fix folder into the WA folder.
Open up a Terminal windo and cd to /WA/WA-fix and run


From the same Terminal window
cd …

The game has no sound since the fix stops the Media Server in order for the game to work. The audio files in the game cannot be played by Haiku’s Media Server. Also there’s no fullscreen mode since the game will crash if you try to make it fullscreen using the in-game options menu. Other than that it’s playable.

Screenshot of the game running on an Asus EeePC 701:

Hi CypressTwist!

Works! Nice. I vaguely remember being a beta tester for Worms for BeOS myself. Together with another WCDesign game which was some sort of solitaire card game. Now if only Elasto Mania would work… :slight_smile:


There’s Trials mountain heights on Java :slight_smile: