Wifi to Ethernet LAN converter

Desktop PC…installed PCIe TPLink wLAN card,based on rtl8912EE does not have driver.
But, gigabit LAN is recognized and shown as Atheros based…Driver also shown…listdev

Pl. Suggest how I may route the wifi signal to LAN port( RJ45 connector) so that I may gain internet connection to this PC…
If there are no such converters, pl. Suggest a USB to Ethernet converter, I will use my mobile phone as modem
Nobody responded to my request regarding this in one post where the topic was rtl8912EE…so opened a separate thread
Will close this after somebody suggests something that works with Haiku-OS

PulkoMandy used TP-Link WR703N earlier for this.

You can find the search function in the top right corner. It is helpful, give it a try next time.

Why? Others can have better suggestions, and others can learn from your topic.

Netis WF-2710 can act as a wireless bridge (but the settings are confusing: you don’t have to turn on “bridge” mode). I think it cost me ~$30 to $35 USD a few years ago, which was a lot less expensive that the all the official wireless bridges on offer from other sellers ($80+).

Many other routers are available, whose settings may be more easily understood. I can look at my config details if needed, but…beware early version(s) of the Netis’s firmware.

Netis admitted that “a mistake” caused certain port(s) on the public interface of this model to not close when “disabled” in config, unless you upgrade the firmware.

Not available any more, I think.
Extrowerk, I hope I have made my requirement clear. I do not have any other means of internet connection, except “Mobile-hotspot” of Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE connection, here in India. I want a device, which can take this wifi-signal and route it to Ethernet LAN (RJ45 connector)
The model that you suggest, it appears that we should give a WAN signal from modem, (since there is a blue RJ45 socket on this model) and then it will route this internet connection to wi-fi and another 4 LAN ports. If this is the case, it will not help me…

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Not available any more, I think…
Pl. check my comments in reply to Mr. Extrowerk…
This model also appears to first take a WAN signal from modem and then route it to LAN, wi-fi

No, there is no definite “input” and “output” port on a router, as it routes between networks. As long as the sw allows it you can set up it to function as a bridge berween wlan and ethernet. Basically a portable device which joins to the accessible wlan and routes it to ethernet for your computer while you power it trough USB. Probably every travel AP capable to do this.
I assume this could work:

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Thanks for your inputs…Though I am an Electronics Engineer (Industrial, CNC, PLC, welding controllers.servo, spindle drives)…I could not understand this point
i have an unused TP link, model TL-WR850N Wireless router…
never tried it till now, because, the port marked WAN is blue coloured, and 4 other LAN ports ORANGE coloured…2 antennas are there
I just assumed that, for the blue coloured WAN RJ45, WE SHOULD GIVE A SIGNAL FROM modem, and then it would route it to wi-fi and 4 LAN ports…
thanks, I will try this and report back




SOHO routers are just simple ARM or MIPS based computers, for them there is no WAN connection, they work with all the different interfaces, as long as the sw lets you set up to do so. If the original firmware too limited consider to use openwrt.

This could be useful:

“ The bridge is nothing more than a second router that joins to your existing network, and extends its range. A bridge also increases the number of wired devices you can connect to your home network via the wired Ethernet ports on the back of it. Anything you connect there is also connected to your home network, enabling you to connect devices without onboard Wi-Fi, such as DVD players or game consoles.”

Connected this router…wifi signal LEd lit…Haiku has recognized it as Atheros813x/0, Ethernet device, ipv4 I have connected it to orange coloured LAN port…no internet connection. Did not ask me password.
I think, first, we have to give signal from modem to blue coloured WAN RJ45connector

Device Name shown for ethernet LAN controller is AR8151 v2.0 Gigabit Ethernet
Device type: 0x2
Device ID: 0x1083
Device vendor 0x1969
Driver used: unknown
Manufacturer: Qualcomm Atheros
No driver? This also not supported on Haiku?

Thanks…Is it known to work with Haiku-OS? I already have burnt a hole in my pocket…so…

This also is unavailable… I am being checkmated from all corner wrt internet access on Haiku-OS…

You told your Ethernet port is working with Haiku, and now it isnt. Or does it?
You have to supply the output of ifconfig command in terminal.
Try to be as clear as possible, otherwise we cant help you.

Ethernet port, when I connect to TPlink WR850N router, it is shown as theros813x/0
a20210418_115004(1) 20210418_115241

What I say is, it has marked driver as ‘unknown’ for Qualcomm Atheros gigabit ethernet…my doubt is, is this also unsupported on Haiku-os?
TPlink WR850N is not catching the Reliance Jio 4G VoLTE mobile hotspot signal…fighting with this
My worry is, is it because the driver is ‘unknown’?

Posting from my linux laptop

Displaying driver name is not implemented yet. I made patch that display driver name: https://review.haiku-os.org/c/haiku/+/3390.

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So your LAN is supported by Haiku.

Next question: did you set up your router which will be connected with cable to your Haiku computer already?

Here is the link again, follow it word by word and report which changes did you made and what do you experience:


I am grateful for your patience and extended support. Pl. note that I have only one router TPlink WR850N. What you suggest requires 2 routers
I am trying to make this router, hook up to my mobile hotspot (4G VoLTE). Unsuccessful till now…

Your situation was unclear. This is why we request everybody to formulate the problem as clearly as possible.

Whatever, on your photos your LAN card don’t have IP address assigned, networking needs IP addresses to function.

You should check if your router able to share LTE internet. Not every router capable to do so, AFAIK.

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