What apps do you need on Haiku?


Hmmm… I’ve played with the API. It seems quite ‘chatty’ in that even if filtering by the haiku master repo, it will return links to all repos for a particular package. I suspect you’d have to inspect the repository, list the packages, and then pull back each package in each repo. This of course increases the number of network trips.

I’ve played around with the local bash script option, just for giggles. It doesn’t work for all packages of course, but does seem to work with quite a few of them. I’ll post the results on here once it completes (It’s not exactly fast given it does 1 http request per package).


Ah yeah so the bash script isn’t that useful. Analyses 1975 ports. Found 245 were up to date, 34 were out of date. The remainder (1696) could not have their remote sources resolved from the information in the recipe file. (I haven’t added git protocol support to the script though, so perhaps the situation could be improved. Currently it just uses http or https).

Ah well… Was an interesting exercise in bash scripting anyway. 8o)

If anyone wants the script just for giggles, just let me know.


Git protocol usage on HaikuPorts is being heavily phased out in favor of HTTPS, so that’s probably not the issue.


A lot of the links seem to be ftp. Some use local paths to downloaded tarballs. A total mixed bag.


In terms of needed apps, I’d like (as well as some people above) to note a RAW image editor, something like RawTherapy or Darktable. The lack of one is one of the few things that keep me as a photoghapher from using Haiku on a more daily basis.


Please note that a number of recipes don’t have x86_64 at all in ARCHITECTURES attribute.


Yeah I’ve created a script to try and identify packages which are out of date for 64 bit. Works OK, could do with some finishing work.


It would be nice if KDE Connect gets a Haiku port. After all, it is a Qt application and other KDE apps have already been ported. On the other hand, there may be difficulties in getting it to work since it digs a bit deep into the system to make its integrations work and some people may not want yet another Qt port; yes, the latter exist and you know who you are (no need to mention anyone).

Since the KDE Connect protocol is open-source, it is possible to make software that uses it outside of KDE Plasma (see indicator-kdeconnect for GTK desktops). Knowing this, would it be possible to make something similar for Haiku in lieu of porting KDE Connect proper? If so, would it take more or less effort?


Since this is targetted at phones, presumably Android, it’s going to have some hidden dependencies as either adb for advanced control and libmtp / mtp to handle the file transfer. While a small mtp implementation is doable by a single person (i did a custom version for the old ms Kin two phone), the full range of features is huge. Porting the linux mtp libs and client may work.
Porting adb seems unfeasible right now for me.

That’s not even taking in account kde libraries dependencies or the system itself.


I don’t think that there would be a problem at least when it comes to the KDE deps, since most of them are already in HaikuDepot. They are used by many of the Qt ports already available such as Calligra Suite and Krita. Also, KDE Connect doesn’t use MTP or adb since it communicates over a network and file transfers use SFTP.


Humm, i see. I expected a, somehow, appless conversation with the Android phone itself.
Guess one cannot be right everytime… hehe.

But i still think that having a new app would work better than implementing all the features behind it. Or would be as difficult as that.


isn’t adb just plain old UNIX APIs and libusb? I would expect it to be portable without too much efforts.


At least for Windows, adb also needs some per-manufacturer drivers installed on the system. As for Unix-based systems (e.g. Linux, macOS), /dev rules are required to allow it to talk with devices. That is as much as I know about it. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can drop in and tell us more.


Pretty sure the windows drivers are just to add inf files for the USB serial functionality…


@PulkoMandy, Who is spearheading this?


Someone should give a try (maybe I’ll put this on my test list too). Never cared about it beyond normal usage as non developer.

My vote on that being the fact.


i confir lack of apps, THERE’S NO VIRTUAL BOX, NO QEMU ACELERATED, and vmware are so limited!

there’s more but with that, are enought!!!

HaikuDepot improvement ideas

VirtualBox guest additions are available only on x86 flavour

and pls be polite and don’t shout


This would be a very modern feature, but there’re plenty of more hi-priority things to add before this IMHO

don’t forget that such kind of cloud-based prefs wallet carries on a lot of infrastructural works as a payload. Security, privacy and server capacity just to say ones.


Well the way I’d go about that is to do something like create a NetFS server over SSL and only store encrypted data to it perhaps with an API in the NetworkKit to upload encrypted data? Each user login getting a 1MB quota guaranteed for certain files etc… and the ability to use it as a file drop space for temporary files. An 8 TB disk is only $210 a pair for $420 these day’s and that would support 8k+ users with redundancy.

Haiku could charge a few bucks if they wanted to get into the Cloud storage business with expanded archival storage (or let a 3rd party do it that pays a percentage back). Honestly this is one off the current drawbacks to Haiku no built in backup solution, even windows has that … ahem sort of. I think this has burned a lot of developers in the past too where they’ve lost hardware and didn’t have a backup.