What apps do you need on Haiku?


what? guest additions! i need VIRTUAL BOX I WANT TO VIRTUALIZE! not make virtual! i want touse haiku as main OS but lack of important apps made it impossible!

i want a working good pcsxr emulator and a pcsx2 emulator! a capable virtual environment with haiku as main OS not as virtual OS!


As a stop-gap solution, in Haiku you can use this script to send and receive files to a Dropbox account:


You know this is an open source project right? Shouting about a lack of something is not the most effective way of getting what you want.

If you want to help, pick up a compiler and get coding. Otherwise feel free to request features, but shouting loudest isn’t going to convince anyone to help you out.

It’s a community project done in everyone’s (severely lacking) spare time at the end of the day.


yeah that’s right @adamfowleruk but the problem its that one only men like me are not enought, must be all in collaboration, but i noted there’s no focus in those apps missing from haiku!

i have enought eperience with “make it yourselft” triying and puff no more… must be in collaboration! and here there’s no focus on those apps… the most important for me are the virtualbox due have very easy to use user interface and management tools


And likewise “shouting” at people making suggestions for improvements to an open source project is equally futile :P. People who will contribute will continue to do so and pestering people on the forum isn’t going to change that. At some point it just becomes line noise… also thought you were posting at me when I wrote this and it made me a bit grumpy sorry for that.

If anything something that can cause a project to grind to a halt is lack of ideas and methods of generating funding.

Also I kind of doubt we’ll get native virtualbox support… I wonder if our crosspolination with FreeBSD would lend itself to porting http://www.bhyve.org/ … Haiku could of course call a GUI front end for that BeHyve :smiley:

Maybe then we could have docker packages on Haiku (trying vainly to stay on topic).


Just port it, mate.


alternatively, consider donating some bucks to the project. This could help hiring a paid dev to perform complex tasks like this.


Wow, i only hear i want this and that, thats your part in this community? If this all is so important for you and you like haiku so much, just learn programming and help to make haiku better.


The Haiku Installer also seems to work as a way to do full backups. Just select a different target device to “install” to.


Very true, but that isn’t really a continuous backup solution like available elsewhere.


Honestly, there are enough applications on Haiku for me to use it as a daily driver! The only applications that would be nice would be a mainstream web browser (a qtwebengine port looks to be in the works so that might come soon™) and a file syncing application. I’m trying to compile MEGASync at the moment, how hard can it be :slight_smile:
Everything else is just things like EMMC drivers and proper GPU drivers so I can use dual monitors.

The Haiku team has done an excellent job and only hope it gets better!

As an aside, I’ve noticed that there is no port of gtk2/3; is there a particular reason for this? Technical/licensing/it’s really big and no-one has had the time or patience to get it working?


maybe you can check this https://github.com/Skycoder42/QtDataSync

i’m not tested yet…


other alternative… https://sourceforge.net/projects/synkron/


“It’s really big and no-one has had the time or patience to get it working.” GTK is kind of a mess in so many ways, nobody’s wanted to dive in and try to get a port working.


I think I need wine


Even on the developer side using GTK instead of building it, i can’t agree more on this.

You would probably see much software before it. Wine is a bit complex to port, imo. But i would like to have old stuff running in Haiku with it, like Starcraft.


Would Wine even be possible to port at all? Isn’t it heavily reliant on Unix syscalls? I know that Haiku can handle some of them, but can it do all of them? A port may require so much code to be changed that it basically amounts to a rewrite of the entire codebase.


No. I wish. That would solve some apps porting issues.

I guess it wouldnt be so popular nor a priority right now, but a working version of some software to run old windows games would be good. Not dosbox games, which is on pkgman already

Edit: through a quick search, seems like dosbox can run windows 95 and Starcraft over it :thinking: must test that on Haiku.

Not really needing wine if you have a way to run the app (although booting the OS would be a bit overkill).


That’s absolutely no problem.

The code should check for features, capabilities, not just blindly assume something (=linuxism).
If some features absolutely needed, one can implement support for it in Haiku.

But is way too much talk, assumptions, subjective oppinions and other useless things regarding wine. If one wants it, should go and try to compile it. Only so can one know what needed, which features should be added to Haiku, and what kind of other software ports should be created.


Maybe we can ask someone on the Wine team to consider bringing it over to Haiku? Perhaps once their work on the Android version is done, they might consider it. Then again, Wine is (as of time of writing) heavily reliant on X (which isn’t in Haiku).