Wait... what's broken?

Hello. Yes, there is a way: during the boot process, if you press the space bar, or hold the Shift key, a boot menu will appear. On this menu, you can choose a previous state. You can get more information on this link:

Boot Loader (haiku-os.org)

Specific, on this part:

  • Under Select boot volume you can specify what former “version” of Haiku to boot. Every time you un/install a package, the old state is saved and you can boot into it by choosing it from the list presented in the boot loader options.
    So, if you encounter boot problems after installing some package, boot a Haiku state from before that time and uninstall the offending package. You can permanently revert to a specific Haiku revision as described in the topic SoftwareUpdater.

Hope this helps!


I’ve updated to the latest nightly and wifi is working.


WebPositive using WebKit 615.1.10 on Haiku hrev56588 x86_64.

Just takes some time to get things back to normal.
Xmas is coming…


what kind of things?

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On my side Wifi got broken (see ticket 18064) and I do hope somebody manages to fix that as if not the case, I will have to use Beta 4 on VMs :frowning:

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BePodder is severely underwhealming in hrev56588


:frowning: :sob:

No, just no. Releases are terribly obsolete and have a little meaning.


The real culprit is ELF executable format that mess symbol imports. PE, PEF and MachO have no such problems.

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Tried updating BePodder yet? Because it was updated 2 days ago, just to address that issue.

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To be fair, we’re trying to fix this. It’s why we have been striving to getting on a yearly beta release cycle.

R1/beta4 is just around the corner. I feel like the absolute bare minimum for R1 is improving the stability of WebPositive. Our browser needs to be world class at minimum before finalizing R1.


If it gets to the point where the Haiku team just ended up making a web browser on par with Chrome and Firefox, I’d vouch for it to be multiplatform.

WebKit is used by Safari on Mac and others. It’s already cross-platform. The catch is, we’re still using the same single-threaded version as MorphOS. Time has passed and a multithreaded sequel to it exists. The one WebPositive has is WebKit Legacy. To use the new WebKit would be a major ordeal in terms of time outlay and require more than one person working on it.


I need your color theme. It makes me infinitely happy.

These issues should be solved @bronzie94 … if you update and are still seeing them, please report on the haikuports bugtracker. BePodder might need a rebuild.


Webkit2 and Webkit legacy are simply apis to webkit. The webkit version we have isn’t old, it’s rather recent actually. The api we use is the older one indeed.

Using webkit2 would indeed need at least one person to work on it, pulkomandy already does a big ammount of work rebasing webkit.

I wanted to work on webkit2 and upstreaming more of our code, but life slmetimes gets in the way : )

I feel better to switch to rolling release model and forget R* releases.


It’s a good point. I think we should get to R1 “at minimum” since that has been the plan over the last 20 years. Then post R1 we consider making Haiku a rolling distribution?

The “scary / final R1” target generally keeps us from releasing R1 since in our minds we’re trying to “make something 1:1 the best experiences we had with BeOS”.

It’s why I keep mentioning the browser. I think if we spend some time making WebPositive “even greater”, we might be “good enough” to say R1 is done.


“World Class”? What even IS that? The BEST? Better than Firefox, Chrome, and Opera? Sometimes I think people throw “big” words (like “World Class!”) around, just to sound impressive. I’d, frankly, be happy if it was just as good as other web browsers, like Firefox. “Good Enough” sometimes HAS to be good enough. I’m not expecting the world… just one small island on it. :grinning:

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As I tell people, “I’m at my best, when I’m obsessed.”. That single thread means the processor is TOTALLY devoted to accomplishing what the browser is doing! Isn’t that a good thing? :rofl:

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User use their smartphone for browsing these days!
What Haiku can offer could be a great development experience!
All students at Universities and High Schools need to learn programming!

Haiku is late to become a BeOs Multimedia OS or Gaming platform atm.