Wait... what's broken?

Would’ve been better timed for after the Beta4 release. Currently, the software/repo side of things is a bit in a breakage turmoil. Doesn’t reflect the usually calm waters we have after a release…

Wait… what’s broken? r1beta4 repos are a bit broken since we’re actively preparing them, but nightlies and r1beta3 should be unimpacted.

It seems there are a few breakages at least for nightly users, most impacting WebPositive. I assume Mr. Lunduke will try the bleeding edge instead of Beta3. We have a few days more to rebuild stuff… :slight_smile:

I don’t know for others, but for me:

  • On nightly apps like we positive, bepodder, calendar are broken at the moment. The issue is known and being worked on.
  • Regarding R1beta3, running the software updater end with errors because it’s already trying to install R1beta4 stuffs.

Hm. @humdinger @slubman have you opened bug reports for this stuff with details? The goal is to not break any existing installs.

@humdinger I think I heard about an ABI breakage around webpositive in nightly images, but that’s not directly related to r1beta4.

@slubman if your repos are configured for the r1beta3 repositories, you should “remain” on r1beta3. Could you post your pkgman list-repos ?

#18040 should be the one. While maybe not directly related to beta4, it currently affects the usage of nightly images, so Lunduke’s Haiku week could be impacted by it.

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Well people should not use nightly builds for anything but helping to find bugs. Everyone keeps ignoring this advice and then complains when things break :sob:

Maybe we should break things more often so that people really stop using the nightlies :rofl:


The biggest issue I’ve had with a recent nightly is that I can’t connect to wifi with a intel 7260 wifi chipset. Also, most ESSIDs seem to get listed twice in the wifi menu. Are these known issues?

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WebPositive doesn’t run in the nightlies (at least as of yesterday).

this reminds me: I haven’t submitted any changes related to the EFI loader recently :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Haiku has an entry for each BSSID.
for many networks this incurs 2 SSID per access point, one for 5GHz and one for 2.4GHz

It gets worse if you add repeaters of course.
(there is already a ticket about this in any case)


I didn’t change my repos, yet I’ve got an update from hrev56571 to Hrev56575 (already with beta4 prefix, actually) with WebPositive broken and a number of apps not working, including Weather.
Apart from a recent change to use libnetservices I don’t think Weather has never used any specific nightly feature, as far as I’m aware of.
All should descend from this commit I think that was included in an update for beta3 nightlies. Was it meant for beta4?
It seems that this change affected both system apps (WebPositive) and third-parties apps even if they don’t use any specific feature from nightlies.
Is my analysis correct?

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The commit makes sure the code in libshared is only available in libshared. This lib exist specifically to store experimental code with ABI that will change. Unfortunately, other libraries in Haiku depend on libshared, and as a result, they used to re-export these functions and classes.

So, an application would use libtracker’s copy of a function from libshared, instead of having its own copy. And when we make a change in libshared (which doesn’t have a stable API like other parts of the OS), it breaks all apps built that way.

With this change, libtracker does not make the symbols available anymore. And so all affected apps are now instantly broken. The fix is very simple: just rebuild the apps. It will take us a few days to go through all apps. But since this work is being done in the beta4 branch of haikuports, do nightlies stay broken until the beta4 release? That doesn’t sound like a great plan.

The nightlies will be unbroken at the same time as beta4 is, because they share a HaikuPorts repository. Speaking of which, WebKit is being rebuilt as we speak, so that should get fixed in a few hours both for the beta repositories and nightlies.


Make sure your wpa_supplicant package is fully up to date.

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That’s not always the case, for example Weather could not be simply rebuilt but libshared should be moved to the end of the list of libs used in the makefile (thanks @augiedoggie for the hint!).

Is WebPositive considered a system app? yet it’s broken like third parties apps. Does it get rebuilt at every nightly release? Just for my education.

Perhaps we should have allowed some time to fix the apps before the breaking change?

No, it should be moved at the start of the list.

WebPositive itself is rebuilt with every release, but the bug was in WebKit. I hoped to have a new release of WebKit last weekend for beta4, but I hit some unexpected bugs so I will have to try again next weekend…

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What’s the implication of having it at the end?
Weather already builds correctly with this change and the new revision on HaikuDepot is based on that.

Could elaborate?

On gcc2, the symbols are still re-exported by libtracker and possibly other Haiku libraries.

If libshared is not first, the linker will continue to use the symbols from libtracker (since they come first, they will be found first) instead of the ones in libshared. And so, if we change the API for these functions, the program will stop working again.

When it uses libshared (which is a static library) properly, the program bundles its own copy of the symbols it needs. In that case, we can change the API, but old binaries will continue to run since they keep their older version with them.

would it help working with webkit if i rented a server rack slot with some big cpu and ram ???

No. We need developers not more hardware.