Translations needed for upcoming 3rd party app release

Often when there’s a new release of a 3rd party application, new and updated strings in their GUI need to be translated. As you know, we have Polyglot for that (see this thread on how to get started there).

Unfortunately, few people appear to check there regularly, and so some languages for an app that were formerly 100% translated, are stuck on 96% or something for a long time, because that one new GUI string is left untranslated. The developer now has to either wait for everything to hit 100% again, or publish the new release with that one string untranslated, or completely remove all <100% languages completely.

I created this thread for people to announce that there is a need of updated translations of a soon to be released app. I usually also post a call for help to the #haiku IRC channel, but I hope this reaches more eyes.

I’d appreciate if only call-for-help-posts are put into the comments of this thread, and other discussions are moved to the above mentioned thread.



I usually follow the forum daily, but rather seldom consult Polyglot.

It is not that hard to login and update the translations. For me, it is easier when application developer explicitly asks to update translation for specific application / language. Or it would be helpful if Polyglot would notify contributors about necessity to update the translation. Or Polyglot admin can publish in forum the status of certain translations (application / language) that need attention.

As I wrote, I’d like to avoid further discussions on this thread, but this is exactly why this thread was created. :slight_smile:

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QuickLaunch is getting ready for a new minor release. One additional GUI string has to be translated.

Still missing for Catalan, Czech, Esperanto, French, Friulian, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Ukrainian.
A bit more is missing for Czech. More completely new translations are always welcome, of course. :slight_smile:


Already done.

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Thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

@dsizzle has been busy bug fixing and implementing new features for ArtPaint that I’ve been testing and also contributed a few small GUI improvements and consistency changes and wrote a user manual.
All of it resulted in a few new or changed strings that need translation for a soon arriving new release.

Please, all head over to ArtPaint’s Polyglot page and see if you can help out. Thanks!

:bell: :bell: :bell: Last chance, we plan to release this weekend…
Some languages are reasonably near to finished. Stats for the main app:

  • Finnish - 60%
  • French - 72%
  • Spanish - 72%

Catalan, Dutch, German, English (UK), Portuguese, Turkish are complete.
Thanks all translators! :clap: