So what is your other OS?


Starts from Dos, then Win, now OpenBSD and Haiku.


I switched from Windows (XP) to Ubuntu Linux in Summer 2007.
I’m keeping WinXP in dual boot for gaming purposes only.

All this has happened while I was waiting for Haiku to boot properly on my pc… Now I’m a really happy and enthusiast Ubuntu Linux user but my heart is always waiting for Haiku to be my primary OS…


I’m almost all the time on Archlinux. I’ve got an Windows XP parittion which i rarely use, last time it was in a LAN party.

When you’re done installing Archlinux, you got a console login and just the services for the basic system, than you choose what you want to do with it. It’s kind of Gentoo but binairy even if you can build or rebuild from sources too.

I tried syllable and haiku in vmware and i’m looking forward to use haiku when it will be more completed. I’ve been a BeOS user for a while, which i discovered with the personal edition in an OS magazine years ago.

I tried OpenSolaris too which feel a lot like linux because of the gnome desktop.


I started using MS Basic 2.1 back in the day on my Amstrad CPC6128+ (last OS that microsoft released that i like)

Along the way I have used BeOS 5 PE, then 5.0.1, Mandriva Linux, Mac OS 8-OSX, Ubuntu, Open Suse, Open Solaris, Solaris 10 (I really like the Java Desktop Environment) and will soon by trying out Haiku


I have three computers, all ubuntu. I really love this OS and I don’t plan an switching to anything other then haiku (when it’s good and ready).


Linux Debian, and I’m liking it.


I have 1 win-xp rig (2007)
(+ my father has another one that I am leading to him long term{2003}),
1 Ubuntu(2004),
1 that is meant to be haiku(2006 cheapo)
and one that has no PSU(2000)




Mac OS X at work
Ubuntu at work
Slackware at home (main PC)
Win Server 2003 in VMware for visual studio / games dev.


My PC’s
Desktop: XP
IBM laptop: Ubuntu and ZETA
Dell Inspiron 1200: Amithlon and win2k

I see linux as one of my most used, but ZETA follows closely behind.


I dual boot Windows XP/PC BSD, although i really don’t use PC BSD at all. I follow the ReactOS project and aim to eventually run a ReactOS/Haiku dual boot (With ROS replacing XP and Haiku replacing PC BSD)

EDIT: Haiku R1A1 replaced the PC BSD.


Ubuntu 9.04 as my development computer
BeOS 5 for web browsing and general purpose stuffs
Windows Vista for warcraft 3


I have Windows XP SP3, Mandriva Linux 2006, Zeta 1.51 and Zeta Neo on dedicated hard-drive partitions. The last two don’t boot if I don’t boot them through VMware, though, because of hardware changes on my PC. Besides, I have 2 versions of Haiku used for development and QNX and Linux which I use occasionally - all in VMWare images.


I seem to be the only one here who has never used Windows! At work, I went straight from MSDOS to Linux; at home I went from QDOS (Sinclair QL) to Linux, via a Q60 computer that had them both.

I’d like to say I have Linux, Syllable, and Haiku, but I haven’t persuaded Haiku to install yet.



XP, highly tweaked: productivity + multimedia + gaming

Haiku: experimental productivity



Haiku r1a1, Haiku nightly, BeOS r5 pro Ubuntu.

I have not booted into Ubuntu in about three months. There is no Windows on the Desktop.


Windows xp, haiku r1a1

I boot Windows when I need to connect to a wireless network that is encrypted.


Be r5 & Haiku, then IRIX, linux, and win2k on my SGI stuff.


Ubuntu with gnome-core as primary and Xp for printing, (I have a Lexmark printer, abysmal support in linux). Looking forward to Haiku as primary.


Mac OS X at work and at home
Ubuntu Linux at home
BeOS 5 at home

Also looking forward to Haiku at home as well.


Might as well.

  • Solaris for home and programming.

  • Spurenelementemangel for work.