So what is your other OS?


Windows 7 on mi regular computer, Ubuntu in oder computer for downloading and stuff like that, MSdos 6.22+OpenGEM in an old computer for Abandonware and thins like that, and Windows XP in oder computer for mi brother,mesenger and thins like that. and in other computer Windows 98 SE.
I am hoping to use Haiku o mi regular computer soom :slight_smile:


I usually use Mac OS X as my day to day for my main machine. Web pages, videos, graphic work, web & e-mail.

Just built a Hackintosh to replace a PPC G5. Since OS X is not working yet, I am running Ubuntu Studio 9.04 on it for day to day. Will keep it as dual boot, as I really like Ubuntu. This machine also has Windows XP & Haiku on VirtualBox. I have 3 HDs, so I will try to see if Haiku will work on the hardware.

My work computer is an G4 Power Mac w/ OS X. Just e-mail, web, MS office.

My laptop is a Powerbook w/ OS X. Just for web, email on the go.

My extra is a G3 iMac currently Xubuntu 6.06, just because it works without messing with it.


My daily usage OS is Mac OS X for emails, music, photos, web surfing and a little bit of gaming too (I’m not really a gamer…)
Currently I’ve got an IMac which is really nice for the day to day tasks above on Leopard. Recently I’ve got a magic mouse which I’m experiencing for the web surfing.

The other machine is a MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard, which I can use everywhere. I really like the trackpad and the user experience on this second machine !

Both machines are running VMWare 3.0 where I can install other OS. Haiku has now becomed my “geek” OS because it runs without major problems and it has been successfully compiled on my MacBook Pro under Haiku/VMWare. The process is a bit long but it’s working fine.

Haiku alpha 1 runs on my MacBook Pro (VMWare Fusion) with networking nicely working, trackpad half-recognized (scrolling up/done with the two fingers is ok but not the 3-fingers navigation) and the experimental OSS sound driver installed to have a little bit of sound on it !

I was an old user of the BeOS but now I’m no more using it (it was from BeOS 3.0 to 5.0).
So Haiku is a good news in the geek world :slight_smile:


Great new year all togehter,

my main os is ArchLinux since 3 years now. Xfce is the desktop I belive it’s the best.
ArchLinux is the best Linux distribuition I found on the web. But in my opinion Linux has some stranges. You can have a great system, but you have to do it by yourself. There is no “perfect” distribution. Linux is not Linux.
For PCs these days, there are better solutions as showing a TEXT-console on the screen to edit the system.

your Finest Bug


Vista on the desktop. Windows 7 on the laptop. The Haiku Alpha did not quite work for me, would need a working WiFi connection. But the anticipation grows.


Desktop dual boot: Linux Ubuntu (now 9.10)and WXP for some hardware / software incompatibilities (e.g. dell/lexmark printer, MSN and ITunes).
Netbook dual boot: Linux Fedora (now 12) and WXP for hardware driver incompatibility UMTS/HSDPA modem
Laptop: PC-BSD 7.1.1. (Free BSD 7.2 stable)

On desktop in VirtualBox on Ubuntu lots of try-outs, Haiku is the one I keep (trying out) :slight_smile:


Windows 7 Ultimate x64 for my main box
Haiku in VisrtualBox
ReactOS in VirtualBox
Ubuntu Desktop x86-64 in VirtualBox
PC-BSD x64 in VirtualBox


Winxp pretty much everywhere. I do have 3 dedicated haiku machines


Windows XP for everything I cannot do on Haiku (i.e. pretty much everything).

I’m sure when XP’s support ends in 2014 I’ll make the switch to Haiku, I don’t see the freakin’ point of all the crappy aesthetics Microsoft have put in to Vista and 7.


What a shame I couldn’t keep all my old machines and O.S.'s.
Everything from an IBM-PC @ 4.77 Mhz up to my currently ageing Athlon 2.7Ghz.
Wow. That’s 8088, x286, x386, x486, x586, x686!
Everything from DOS 3.1 up to WinXP, SuSE 11.3. PCLinux and Haiku.
I even used OS/2 Warp and NT Server 4 :slight_smile:
Somewhere there are people who have kept all that stuff, and one day, if the world doesn’t end in 2012, they will be millionaires.

I use XP every day, and:
BeOS, Haiku, SuSE Linux, for fun.
Dolt that I am :slight_smile:
And I still have time left over to cut firewood by hand, build house additions and outbuildings, and feed every bird and raccoon for miles.
Hehe life is fun :slight_smile:


In my Home PC:

  • Windows XP SP3 heavy personalized by myself and with "Classic GUI" (I hate LUNA, it's a 'puter not a baby's toy)
  • Haiku on a removable USB key... I hope to install in dual boot one day... maybe a try this on Xmas Holiday

In my Office PC:

  • Windows XP SP3 "vanilla" but with "Classic GUI" (I hate LUNA, it's a 'puter not a baby's toy, this is for REAL)
  • <li Linux (CentOS 5.4, the Worstest)but is not really I use the server and open X windows in my Win XP PC, works perfectly :-)))

When XP will be dead (I try let live 3-4 years by now) I hope Haiku will be more mature and can became my primary OS… at home at least!
Window Vista II edition (aka VII-7) is more more toyashis that XP, and the ridicolous GUI is the only usable, no classic GUi, no real Start Menu (I hate no alphebetival order, that silly to hide something and so on…) quickstar is gone… pretty unusable!
I think I can’t install it, I don’t like it…



Haiku r1a1, Haiku nightly, BeOS r5 pro Ubuntu.

I have not booted into Ubuntu in about three months. There is no Windows on the Desktop.


Windows xp, haiku r1a1

I boot Windows when I need to connect to a wireless network that is encrypted.[/quote]

The desktop gave up the ghost … using the same hard disks. Ubuntu still boots as well as Haiku. I am using recent builds only. I boot Linux once in a while to remind me why I use Haiku. Beos does not boot, but I keep the partition for the software and if I ever change to a mobo that it will boot on.

The eeepc laptop still has Windows xp for encrypted networks, but I use recent builds of Haiku now.


I have been using dual boot systems with W2K/XP and GNU-Linux for many years.
Just recently I changed from Suse to Mandriva, because I like Mandriva’s package manager better.
With Mandriva I have SheepShaver/MacOS9 running frequently.
SheepShaver is the fastest Macintosh I ever had :slight_smile:
Also with the Madriva host, I am using Virtual Box to take a look at OpenIndiana, Syllable, AROS and GhostBSD.


I used to be Amiga user, and after conquest the paradise I run to the Duron 650 diaspore, where only BeOS R5 was reasonably usable. In These days, I hate my work comp, MAC Quadra&system7 - no multitasking, bad stability… After my Duro’s died, I cried upon XP for few dark ages on next Athlon, but freedom of the Bee was only myst of the myth. I tried averything I found, AtheOS, QNX Neutrino, Syllable, AROS, Linux… and in the end, now I’m using MAC MINI, and AthX2+W7. But I never maked piece with it. Well, Mac is cool, but the Mach kernell is really slow, isn’t it. And W7, yea, maybe they are really best Win ever seen, but, You know, It’s still only Windows… And this new era of multi core procs, It’s scream for… for… where I saw OS with natural ability we need…


Hello nice to mett this comunity :smiley:

Windows form “98” to "7"
Linux (opensuse)


OSeX Panther :smiley:


At work : Linux and IBM AIX ( some winblows )
at home: Mac OS X

I would love to see Haiku be ported over to IBM POWER7 chip… 8-cores, advanced FPUs,


Desktop: Mac OSX 10.7
Laptop: Windows7 and 3 Haiku Partitions (Main, Dev and a pristine A3 installation for testing and emergency reinstalls)
Netbook: PCLinuxOS


My other OS is windows 98. The reason is I run haiku on my old PCs.


I have started working on Haiku. I used to be application programmer turned HTML5 game developer. I am trying to port OpenJDK and writing Haiku API wrapper for GTK, wxWidgets, etc. to port as many applications as possible. But mainly concentrating at porting Virtualbox OSE, Inkscape, Gimp, geany and latest firefox first. Also interested in working at x86_64 port and in future probably starting a production deravitive of Haiku with UI inspired from haiku and applying it to Adwaita theme. Like replacing white with yellowish color at places lol. But yeah, lot of work to do. Haiku is really my fav OS. Also, implementing user system and making it a secure platform would be a wonderful work to do. Currently I am at my one of key projects, after completing it I would get 3+ hours a day to work on Haiku for free :slight_smile:

On main question lol. I deletd crap windows partition. I have Haiku R1 Alpha 4.1 x86 and Ubuntu 13.04 x86_64 as my main OS. In virutalbox I have windows XP as an emmergency system to use when I need to run a software which isn’t available for ubuntu and wine can’t emulate it. But I didn’t need it to boot ever as of writing this.