So what is your other OS?


I also use OS X and Linux.


Mostly OSX at work.
Home: Celeron with BeOS R5.0.3 Pro, a Haiku partition which I load with a Sikosis build every few months to see how things are going, and Debian Woody.

I only boot Debian to download my camera and stay only to play a few games of Spider Solitaire…


I guess I’ll chime in…

2 years ago I used BeOS R5 pro for almost everything and learned how to program C++ on it. At the same time I was running Win98 on a recording/gaming machine. And win2k as my general purpose (scanning, printing, graphics design).

REcently I run linux 80% of the time. Windows 15% and BeOS 5%. Linux connects me to the net and acts as my PHP development platform. Beos is just being booted from time to time for Nostalgic purposes.

Future plans. BeOS 100% of the time but possibly linux for my servers and routers.

I love BeOS. I will not abandon her…


Windows XP.


I use OSX at home but forced to use XP/Citrix in work/uni

I used to have a machine running Windoze 98 and BeOS R4.5ish.

Switching to Be or Haiku as a secondary OS when I get the chance to update my machine a bit


I use Win98 (Me on my laptop), win 2000, Suse linux, BeOs max, BeOS Dev., Win 95

But what about what you use to get to multibooting your system??
I use XOSL.
Development of XOSL stopped while the creator was searching for a new name because of a rights thing I guess. Nobody heard from him again, he probably died?

Partition manager: ranish (for this can handle more than 4 primary partitions on 1 hd)


my primary OS is GNU/Linux (gentoo)
I’ve a WinXP installation boundled with my laptop that I don’t use quite at all

I use grub for multiboot.
I’m managing in running Haiku through Virtualbox with no success.
I think I’d put it on a physical partition.


MS Windows 2003 Ent Server SP1 (license copy) - workhorse
Zeta 1.21 beta2 - buggy and throws to KDL sometimes, but has all the latest features
BeOS R5 + BONE - for BeOS-related software development


This in no way means I like Linux, it just works better.

Is this logical? Isn’t an OS just something you use because it is useful to you and not because some kind of irrelevant emotion?

What is there to like or no to like about “Linux”? By the way: Linux is only a kernel, not an operating system …

Are we dealing with operating systems overhere or with religious fanaticism? :slight_smile:

How relevant is it not to like something that you obviously use because it does what you want it to do?

Why the need to explicitly apologise by stating that you merely use “Linux” (whatever that may be) without actually “liking” it? Aren’t operating systems supposed to just work without getting in your way?


Xandros 4 (the other Linuxes are just too much hassle) & Windows XP as a secondary. It’s been a while since I used BeOS5 Max Edition V3, as it stopped working after I upgraded my computer hardware.

Although Haiku is based of BeOS5, it is a UNIX compatible OS right? If there’s a non-QT/non-GTK application that I’d like to port over from Linux or FreeBSD it should be possible to do right?

It will be nice to have another Open Source alternative based on simplicity compared to the complicated Linuxes & *BSDs.


For my daily work I use Kubuntu 6.10 (KDE 3.5.6) and a little bit Zeta. On my second and old computer run W2K and QNX RTP 6.3.0 and sometimes I have a look on ReactOS.
(And in my earlier life I used OS/2 to! :wink: )


T-O-T-A-L-L-Y agree (that’s why I’m the OS/2 petition author, too).

If you code, I hope you’ll contribute to osFree or Voyager.

Dhehe, I think you should check out those interesting links for 98:

…and ReactOS, of course !

Marco Ravich

note: I hope to have a trial-boot machine in the future > Haiku/ReactOS/osFree

Forward Agency

In progress we (always) trust.


I have a veritable smorgasbord of OS’s

OSX On A Mac Mini is the OS I use an a day to day basis.

Vista on the HTPC. (+Linux in the future)

WinXP on the games machine and on the laptop.

FreeBSD on the file server

And in the future a Linux media server


I started out as a Mac user, running MacOS 7 as a kid. I slowly moved up, eventually to OSX, so I’ve been a mac user (and used to be a mac advocate until I realized how silly that is) for a long time.

After a while I started getting into linux, which is what I run now. I have a windows machine that I keep running for the hell of it. Every once in a while there’s something that I need that OS for.

I currently run Gentoo linux (I usually avoid saying the first part out loud, as gentoo users have something of a bad - and in many cases, deserved - reputation). Previously a fan of gnome, I now use KDE. It’s annoyingly complex (that’s the GNU way!), but I have gotten it all to work well together.

My linux system is used for everything from gaming (mainly ut2004) to coding, with a lot of chatting and music listening in between.

I think it’s interesting that a lot of the folks here run more than 2 operating systems, not counting Haiku. This bunch sure is hard to please…


Started on AmigaDos 1.1 in 1986.

I became free of windows about 15 months ago :slight_smile:

Have been on Debian first then various Ubuntu’s for about 18 months now. I also have a machine on PC-BSD, which is very nice, I try different Linux distro’s occasionally, & have recently installed Nexenta Alpha 6, the Ubuntu on the Solaris kernel, interestingly the next release will have ZFS available, which is probably the only other interesting file system, apart from the Haiku one!

Free Solaris is on it’s way via snail mail, it will be interesting to look at, I don’t think I’ll stay with it for too long though.

I look at the Zeta 1.21 boot CD rarely.

Play UT2k4 natively on Ubuntu, & use Cedega, (though you can now do it with Wine) to play Guild Wars, which works superbly :slight_smile:

I am really looking forward to Haiku RC1…

Environment is shared fate, initiated by will, governed by law & inherited by the future.

We Reap, We Sow, our CHILDREN Reap…


I use Windows XP and since RC1 also Windows Vista, which I really like.

In past (1998 to 2006) I used Linux but I was quite disapponted… too slow and too big differences (configuration, package management, etc.) between the distributions. Also I had some compatibility problems with scanner and printer.
I know that Linux fans will kill me because of these words, but Linux is not the best OS for everybody. :wink:

I know BeOS since 1998 and really love it.
I still have an installed version of BeOS Developer Edition on my old notebook and it works really fine although some devices (e.g. my scanner) do not work because of missing drivers.

And I use BASIC V2 on my Commodore 64. :wink:
Also sometimes GEOS.


I’d argue that it’s not slow (unless you’re using rpms, rpm package managers seem to be incredibly slow), but yeah… It’s not for everyone. Use what works for you.


I’ve only used Windows for 1.5 years or so. Been into Linux for quite some time.

Hopefully Haiku will put and end to my “distro hopping” days :slight_smile:


As my boot manager can handle more than 4 primary partitions, I have
MS-Windows XP & Server 2k3 just for fun and gain experience, BeOS r5(my primary system) & MAX(I’ve replace it with Haiku 4 days ago), FreeBSD, Sun Solaris, Ubuntu & SuSE Linux dist.(gain experience & for cross compilation only), Syllable, QNX Neutrino & Plan 9 from Bell Labs. Under VM are ReactOS, AROS(I prefer install it under VM because of it’s partitioning system(Amiga)), & Oberon.
Maybe I’m too greed, but I love & enjoy to know & learn about from them.


I’m currently running Ubuntu 7.04 on 2 machines, openSuSE on my file server, Win Vista on one machine, and Vista 64bit as a second OS on my main Ubuntu box. I’ve got Haiku running in a VM.