Replace C++ code with Rust

btw how is rust progress going on? Any bindings for graphical apps?

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I’d like to see bindings for Swift, also. I wouldn’t want to replace C++ but I think it would be a nice addition.

I know Swift 3 is in HaikuDepot, but I don’t know the state of Swift 4.


Let the patches coming, guys!

I wish I could help with that. I’m more of a user these days. The last real program I wrote was a front end for BeMAME, before the maintainer(s) tacked their own on.

Always good to see people respect other’s opinions and decisions…


I’ve actually heard that this language is the truly best for operating systems and it’s so easy to use that I bet it would save tons of time and effort even if we just had to start over in this language.


That’s actually “Smalltalk”… just kiddy-fied.

Would be time to close this discussion?


‘Scratch’ looks like a good way to introduce youth to programming.

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Only if you want to be anti-social…

I think this topic has been brought up before elsewhere and the problem is that Rust in a C kernel is fine as it interfaces just fine with C eg you can write Linux kernel modules in Rust. However Rust in a C++ kernel is probably not very nice and would require boilerplate for a lot of things.


Sure i am so anti-social, because i write over 200 tutorials, helping in the forums and over places.

I wrote this because this discussion has arrived a endpoint and we need to do our focus on importand things, so we should close it.

Written words can be ready on several ways.

Why on a time all users crying for the release of a beta and r1 release, the developers of haiku should switch to a new dev main language? Do you want to wait again 10 years?

I wish all a nice weekend with much sun, like here in hamburg (germany)

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I’m going to work on ThermiteOS. Haiku userland reimplemented in Rust, on top of the hurd kernel, and Hey will be reimplemented in Brainfuck. Still serious about magnesium as the bootscript, but open to alternatives.


I suggest F# for the bootloader, i’m working on porting a subset of .NET for it


I’m not sure a music note gets hot enough to start thermite.

Does it actually tell you how to fix your problem? It thought it will tell you if you have a logical error?

Can I see the repository to ThermiteOS please?

As cool as Rust is Haiku can get a lot of the benefits of Rust just by adopting modern C++17 standards without losing backwards compatibility.


FYI - Rust 1.27.0 is out: ( ).

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Sorry if i came across badly I can be a bit sarcastic at times… I

In all seriousness though closing a thread doesn’t do anything but temporarily end communication on a matter… It’d just get brought up in a new thread anyway since it’s a popular topic. Threads should only be closed if rules are broken IMO or an OP requests it etc…

In any case based on the recent posts it looks like rust is actually in decent shape at least for console apps… it would be interesting to see how hard porting the GUI is also since that would be harder due more C++ issues there… but QT and other C++ frameworks have bindings to rust so perhaps not impossible. It would be cool if Web+ could get servo working inside it… since that is based on the chrome embedded framework.

Web+ is staying with webkit , an engine written in a programming language that I can understand. But if someone wants to port servo, have fun!