Replace C++ code with Rust


The point was if you were using CEF… which most applications that embed webkit now use… you could use either.


Cef is part of blink, not webkit. We picked webkit precisely because it allows native porting (drawing is done by app_server)


Yeah you’re right about that, I didn’t noticed that it no longer used webkit in CEF 3…

That said as Haiku’s rust port progresses perhaps Firefox will just start working, with a little prodding of course, as they are implementing a lot of the new stuff in rust in a more portable manner. For instance they have accelerated Firefox running experimentally on top of gfx-rs on Linux now.


Swift is open source, you can try porting it ))


Whoa, where is Swift in Depot ?


Or… someone who knows what they’re doing could do it, and it would be much better. Probably even usable. And there was someone working on it at one time.

Run HaikuDepot and search for swift. It’ll show up as swift_lang, I think. It also may only be 64-bit.


Do not forget, you don’t need to be a programmer to help at porting softwares, compilers, etc. The developers have already enough task, do not wait to them, go, grab the sources and explore it, what happens if you try to follow the official compilation instructions. You can collect informations like: needed dependencies, configuration problems, linuxism (using linux paths or functionality, etc), you can even consult with the original authors to get more info. You can create an issue with this info at the haikuports issues page, so the developers could have a basic overview what would be needed, and if they want to do something different, maybe they will try their teeth on your dream-software.

So do what you can.

In plenty cases following the official install instructions can be enough to get it work! Ofc, the bigger the task is, the less the chance to get it work without patching, but you would never know if you don’t try it.


This topic is awesome.


For what it’s worth, I did write our ARM image writer in Rust… and it is even in our official repos now. Can we consider this one done? :slight_smile: