Replace C++ code with Rust

You know, I think you can do OS development in FreeBasic. Let’s use that!


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I hear Piet or whitespace are good choices too.

While we’re at it, let’s replace our default DE with the one and only GNOME 3™

Oh please no, GNOME no longer supports desktop icons :unamused::confused::dizzy_face:

No no no, it’s got to be an FPL! (Functional Programming Language) Maybe custom ML variant, like Microsoft’s F#, that uses continuations and message ports to … do something very different.

Look, let’s just rewrite Haiku in BrainF*** (as a born-again Christian, I will not spell it out) and be done with it! :laughing:


As a non-believer, I’m not limited wrt the words I write or speak. Brainfuck.
This thread is getting sillier every day…


Sure it does!

I think we just found ThermiteOS’ replacement for ‘hey’.

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BTW there are no working versión for x64 thqt is sad, i wanted to test it.

I follow this forum since years, and I still cant understand, why the human beings thinks the Haiku developers are responsible for every 3rd Party stuff. Please, tell me, where does this idea comes from, 'cause i can’t understand it. Really.

There is a standardized HaikuPorts issues page where one can report the bugs. True, stuff are broken sometimes, but Blender isn’t a Haiku main thing and Rust also not. I told you guys, Blender is in preliminary stage on Haiku, with no strings and guarantee attached, and i think Rust is also the same.

Just think about a little bit: some newcomer comes here opens the forum and what he sees is only : BUG! BUG! BUG!
He will say: you know what, i install 32 bit windows 2 times and I’ll get 64 bit windows, but I’ll never test haiku as it is completely broken!

But these problems have absolutely nothing to do with Haiku. Yes. Absolutely.

Can you guys accept there is a big difference between Haiku and HaikuPorts? Can you maybe try to report your problems at the right place? Can you maybe understand that a forum/Telegram isn’t the right place to report bugs as it can easily gets unnoticed? It would be really helpful!

Thank you!


Speaking of GNOME dropping support for desktop icons in 3.28 (and beyond):

I know that it works currently speaking and Debian is not yet on the latest of GNOME.

True Haiku must be written in haiku: 5::7::5
Language is not important so much.
… can Rust be written in haiku?


Ah ok. Gnome fiction. At least for me.
I’m not using desktop icons with other OSes/DEs/WMs too and I “live” in XTerm+Screen most of the time and new installs already are done without Gnome here, so I don’t care what’s coming in this aspect.

Back to Rust… \o/

Bah… better… let’s rewrite it in Smalltalk… then “true becomes: false” :smiley:

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On OtherOS, I use i3wm. No desktop icons for me. :slight_smile:

You sure sparked a fun topic.

Probably the Rust devs created a bot to spam projects with this suggestion.

Lol. Probably, but I don’t think Joe is one. He’s been bringing all sorts of fun suggestions our way. He’s a young pup who sees a good idea in Haiku and wants to make it even better. Young foolishness. I was like that too in my early days with BeOS.


Additional languages are a good idea. I think, however, it would be better on focusing efforts on updating existing C/C++ applications, such as WebPositive, that are already available in Haiku so that Haiku can be used for more everyday and common tasks such as web browsing and productivity in word processing and spreadsheets.

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