Recent Stable Nightly Version?

Please suggest a nightly that has few bugs in system and applications.



The title you gave was misleading since nightly builds are not stable nor tested as such by definition. I tried renaming the thread for you but something still doesn’t sound right with it.

Use a beta version if you want to use a stable release… or more stable.


So I should use this and upgrade via HaikuDepot?

  • Version: R1/beta3
  • Release date: July 25th, 2021

Most nightlies are relatively stable but not guaranteed. The beauty of Haiku is that if you want to run bleeding edge nightlies and encounter a problem, you can roll back to a previous version during boot. Boot Loader link to documentation.

R1Beta4 work fine

Agreed. On the bug tracker, the only blocker I saw was a download bug with the libCurl backend in WebPositive. I’m confident that can be overcome without breaking the SoftwareUpdater app on the current Beta4 prerelease. There should be a pinned thread with a link to that image. I’ve installed it with a UEFI partition procedure on my spare SSD and it’s working well.

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Is there some magic involved in using UEFI with an install on the non-primary disk? I’ve got Windows installed on my main drive, Haiku on another, but I can’t find a way to boot it without using a USB stick and selecting it as the boot volume. There are tools to update the UEFI/BIOS data right? It’s always been a bit of a mystery to me, I miss GPT!

I’m embarrassed to ask, but where do I find the download for R1Beta4? Or is that a nightly?

It’s apparently not pinned anymore but the thread is at

Sorry, but I still cannot find the download for R1Beta4 for 64-bit. Those links don’t work for me.

Read the last posts on the thread.

That’s the job of the UEFI firmware. Normally pressing F2 or Del leads to the setup. I don’t see why UEFI can’t handle the secondary drive. But maybe I’m missing something.


After having successfully installed to a UEFI system, I know that the UEFI information partition must be FAT32 formatted and therefore, must be separate from the BeFS partition.

Beta 4 isn’t finished and isn’t released yet. So there are no downloads for it, only some early test images.

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Thanks. I’ll keep playing with nightlies. And thanks to all who commented. It’s so good to see so many supporters.

Where do I find the latest nightly?

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Nightlies are at Good for checking if some specific issue was fixed, otherwise using the stable Beta release is recommended.

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