How to install Beta4 prerelease 0 on UEFI HD

Note: This works on my R1 Beta4 Test build 0 DVD image.

  1. Boot Haiku from the DVD or ISO image. (My machine still has an optical drive so I booted from DVD.)
  2. Before you try to select a destination to install to, you’ll need to partition the drive.
  3. When you go to the partition tool, be sure to select the correct drive.
  4. Create the main partition as BeFS leaving a little space at the end of the drive for the UEFI information. (You’ll need to format the partitions later.)
  5. Set up the rest of the partition space as UEFI information.
  6. Format the main partition as BeFS.
  7. Format the UEFI partition as FAT32 but be sure there are no spaces in the drive name. The blank name in the error message if you have spaces in the name is a little cryptic.
  8. Install Haiku to the main partition of the drive using the install application as normal.
  9. After you’ve exited the install application, mount the UEFI partition as read/write. If it gets scrambled, reformat it and start over from this step.
  10. Mount the Haiku ESP partition from the DVD.
  11. Copy all the files from the Haiku ESP partition to the root of the FAT32 filesystem on the UEFI partition on the hard drive.
  12. Reboot and select the drive you installed Haiku to from your UEFI boot menu in the startup. To get to the startup menu on mine you have to hit either F2 or Delete during the opening screen of the boot sequence.

You are a genius for “7”. I wanted to give up the installation after 10 unsuccessful minutes (my bios was set up for uefi only and was lazy to change it back). I succeeded in the past because I was lucky to change manually the name to not leave space, but did not understand it.


Thank you! I had similar issues trying to install Beta4 this morning, and with this guide I was entirely successful. So thank you, and a Happy Holidays, Hannukah Sameach, Merry Christmas, and a decent Festivus, or whatever you like to do in the winter seasons!