Realtek 8168 ethernet problems


Which Realtek do you have? I have an 8168 that isn’t recognized by Haiku (or FreeBSD). Well, it’s sort of recognized with CSM turned on, but doesn’t see an active Ethernet cable.

Post your Haiku screenshot!

it appears to be an 8168h/8111h.
So if I turn on CSM, would that solve it?


It might, but I couldn’t guarantee it. It may show up, but in an eternal state of disconnection.


Haiku uses the FreeBSD drivers…



Hmm… should I submit some kind of Bug report?
I just remembered that in order to start it up I have to boot it into safe mode.
Would that have something to do with it?


Yes, but it seems this device does not work properly on FreeBSD either, see:

@JohnpaulTH, safe mode is probably related actually. What happens when you don’t do that?


I can’t boot haiku.


That doesn’t mean much. What happens, specifically?


goes black after the bootloader.
If I disable APM, I can get to the blue screen, but not to the desktop.


What happens when you use “fail-safe video mode”? Or “Disable SMP”?


If I use VESA+Disble SMP+Disable APM+one other which I cannot remember, It will recognize my chip. I will see if it works.


Well, please try eliminating as many of those as possible and see which one specifically fixes the problem.


I will when I have the time.


It is just disable IO-APIC + use failsafe graphics.