Post your Haiku screenshot!


Nice, similar arrangement I use.
How many cores your CPU has?
What PC is that?

Thanks for sharing!

It’s a AMD Ryzen 7 1700 with 8 cores and 16 theards. I have a AMD Graphic Card 560 RX Polaris 11 it’s works!


Where did you get this decorator? It looks good for a imagined concept.

Booted beta 3 because I can’t boot beta 4. Having peace of mind after hours looking at the vomit blue Deepsea GTK theme with the horrid CSD on Devuan Chimera and Firefox using so much ram until my laptop hangs. :sweat_smile:

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How do you make the whole active window frame yellow? Is there a setting for that?:thinking:

You can set it in the Appearances preflet.

It’s intree but disabled, it may be removed as it does not support stack and tile which is mandatory for decorators

Thank you @extrowerk & @nephele
I’ll try it out later. Any difference or benefit to making the whole frame yellow compared to just the titlebar?:thinking:

Visibility. Do it if you want to have it, if not the don’t :wink:

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nothing special nor bling-bling, average screen here. (-:


Still far tidier than the usual mess I have daily :smiley:. Nice one!

Theme created by taking the colors from the dark theme shown in Beta 4 Release Notes. Not perfect (don’t know how to make the menus match the window color) but still really cool
-Flat decorator with customized colors
-Weather replicant
-About Haiku replicant
-Terminal with ‘Professional’ color scheme and Neofetch


This is my Haiku desktop. Pretty much standard, I guess. And no, I haven’t yet used all six workspaces. Three is usually enough.


No. 2

Things will look gooder when danish translations start to show up in “stable” betas.


this is my Haiku.


You can drop colours on Docker app if you also want it dark…

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Thanks i think i got it.

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Like this?


Yes. That’s an example. You can also use two different colours, iof you want to keep the rounded tabs.

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Playing Games work whit Graphics on my Vaio VPC EB3E4E dual core 6 gb Ram 256 SSD