Calculator Improvements

Hello, I am relatively new to Haiku, and I love the operating system so far.
However, one thing that has been bugging me is the DeskCalc app. A scientific mode with trigonometric functions and stuff like that would be wonderful. At the minimum, the app needs to have a square root button to be considered usable IMO.

Thank you for considering my feedback.

There is a scientific mode. Have a look at the User Guide: DeskCalc

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I didn’t know you could drop a colour onto the keypad. Can you do that with any other apps?

Wow, I never noticed that.
I feel kinda stupid now lol.

Thank you for the help.

I would much apreciate reverse polish notation input for the calculator application.

IMO what it -really- needs is “Programmer mode” that supports hexadecimal, binary, and bit operations.

Another thing you might try is BeCalc. I brought it back to life a short while back and it looks pretty powerful, although the UI is a bit terrifying (and it’s not super stable). :smiley:

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Dropping a colur doesn’t generally work with the GUI of any app. The reason DeskCalc was coded to accept colours is that it can be used as a Replicant on the Desktop. To integrate better with your background, you can drop a colour on it.

Other replicatable apps that accept colours are: ActivityMonitor, the Desktop itself, DeskNote and Clipdinger’s clipboard monitor (both in HaikuDepot). There may be others.

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Anyone wants to write a clone of Microsoft PowerToy Calculator?

Let’s be honest, I don’t use the onscreen keypad to do math, I have a keyboard. But an history view, a list of variables, and some simple graphing capabilities would be a lot more useful…


It looks like you can do it with Dockbert too…even drop two different colours on it: Post your Haiku screenshot! - #280 by janking

Reminds me of Genius.

Or maybe its Graphcalc, i can’t remember.

If I remember well, MS released its calculator under MIT license

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Yes, but that’s not the one from PowerToys.

They also released sourcecode for some newer versions of powertoys: GitHub - microsoft/PowerToys: Windows system utilities to maximize productivity but not the powertoys calculator :frowning:

It looks like this:

Quite different from the basic caluclator shipped with Windows.


The one from Windows 7 was quite nice; it didn’t have graphing or these other things that PowerToys calculator has, but it had basically everything one would expect from a basic calculator, including history and the ability to type a full formula rather than just numbers. The one on Windows 10 replicates some of the functionality but also loses a bunch (you can’t just type a formula anymore), and others are hard to discover (bitwise mode in the programmer option.) A replication of that Calculator for Haiku might be a nice middle ground and worthy to have in the default install…

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+1 for the reverse Polish notation.

Some of us grew up with HP calculators in our hands.