Post your Haiku screenshot!

Visibility. Do it if you want to have it, if not the don’t :wink:

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nothing special nor bling-bling, average screen here. (-:


Still far tidier than the usual mess I have daily :smiley:. Nice one!

Theme created by taking the colors from the dark theme shown in Beta 4 Release Notes. Not perfect (don’t know how to make the menus match the window color) but still really cool
-Flat decorator with customized colors
-Weather replicant
-About Haiku replicant
-Terminal with ‘Professional’ color scheme and Neofetch


This is my Haiku desktop. Pretty much standard, I guess. And no, I haven’t yet used all six workspaces. Three is usually enough.


No. 2

Things will look gooder when danish translations start to show up in “stable” betas.


this is my Haiku.


You can drop colours on Docker app if you also want it dark…

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Thanks i think i got it.

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Like this?


Yes. That’s an example. You can also use two different colours, iof you want to keep the rounded tabs.

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Playing Games work whit Graphics on my Vaio VPC EB3E4E dual core 6 gb Ram 256 SSD


and on my bigbaby I7 use Krita but my last update of Nighty is little Fail for RAWTherapy Haiku4Life need a Driverupdater App :wink:


If you encounter problems it’s best to check or create an issue at haikuports (for third party packages).

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Yepp, but that needs a Github account, doesn’t it ?

Honestly, its interface had not enchanted me yet - I’m happy as a non-developer generally I do not have much relation to it.
Sometimes download or grab some files from it - it has not a clean, intuitive layout - for me at least.
I would appreciate a similar ticketing tool like Trac - but I understand it is obvius to use for devs, as they use it daily - anyway.

I believe it does yes, makes it easier on us to track certain issues. Things can get lost pretty quick here :slight_smile:

Here is my default workspace:

Here is the second:

I use six workspaces in Haiku where I use four in Zeta OS.


You know, you could also use the replicants of the 3 apps shown in this pic? weather, workspaces and activity-monitor.

Github makes this harder, not easier.
It’s better than random forum posts, yes. But the github interface without for example components, visible asigneed etc lacks a lot of info… add to that it si controlled by microsoft, and requires an account with them.


For every product you use you’ll be connected to any or other service, github being controlled by Microsoft is no deal breaker for me at least. It’s a choice once made and so far I’m happy enough about it.

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Maybe that was a understandable choice when Github was independent (before M$ bought it) and when easy to use self-hosted alternatives didn’t exist,but today the situation is very different.
There are open-source solutions that look and work just like Github,for example Forgejo (,Pagure (,Gitea,Gogs or GitLab and can be hosted on a server operated by Haiku without having to force contributors to “trust” Micro$oft.
Besides my overall dislike of Github,it feels pretty wrong to use and rely on infrastructure of Micro$oft for critical services while building an alternative to their core product (Windows) which will,at some point,probably make them angry at Haiku.
With the UI getting worse and worse,and the integration and annoying advertisements for the latest and hottest AI bullshit,it can be a good point to reconsider hosting an own Git service for stuff like HaikuPorts or the website.

I unfortunately have an Github account and actively use it,because there are just too many projects there that force me to use it,but I’d be more than happy if Haiku could make a good example of being independent.