Port of Gnome Web (Epiphany)

I made a Haiku-style icon for GNOME Web (Epiphany)
GnomeWeb v2

PS: And this icon, for more extreme surfing :smile:
GnomeWeb v1


Why not using its own icon?

Love it!

Great work and funny, too


It’s boring, dull, and doesn’t fit the Haiku style.


I like it but doesn’t it look too much like Web+ one? In this size, there’s no problem but I fear that it will be difficult to distinguish the two with tiny icons.

It’s probably fine :slight_smile:


I agree, I don’t like it either but using the original icon would make it immediately recognisable for those who are already familiar with it, IMO
BTW yours is nice!

Hmm, to be honest, as an epiphany user I didnMt know much what the icon is… probably because most gnome icons are somewhat round and easily forgettable :slight_smile:

Most ported apps have icons based on their original icons.

Honestly, I don’t think we should call it epiphany either, webkitgtk as a port works… but… we don’t really provide epiphany like that if we use gnome classic patches and such.

We shouldn’t call it Epiphany, regardless. It is the codename while GNOME Web is the official one.
Nevertheless, it’s not that important.
3deyes’ icon is nice and fun but I would probably reserve such Haiku-style icons for native original apps to distinguish them from a port, if that makes sense.

Why? In Gentoo and Arch it’s called Epiphany, and we follow the Gentoo-naming in HaikuPorts.


Some icons are in bad format and you have to remake them anyway. Some of these remake are straight copies of original but others really don’t fit for different reasons. So, if we can make them look cool and better integrate by following Haiku guidelines…

We should ideally have Haiku-style icons for all applications. I have ported many applications and drawn a Haiku-style icon for almost all of them. For the end user, all apps should be in the same style and it doesn’t matter whether it is a native app or a ported app. It is this approach that gives integrity to the system. This is what we should strive for. IMHO of course.


The name in the gui should not be epiphany, the package name is historical, the browser used to be named epiphany but changed the name to Gnome Web, and the nightly is called webkit technology preview or epiphany still :slight_smile:

I know. So the recipe and package name will be epiphany, and the menu item in Deskar will be named as Gnome Web


And for those who don’t know history mentioning Gnome Web in package description won’t be a luxury. :grin:

Love it! Love it!

i prefer ladies in bathing suits to santas on the surfboard, but funny anyway.

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Not only would I disagree with this, but I’d rather have no icon than have an icon that doesn’t fit in with the Haiku iconography. At least the generic app icon fits in.

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I think the icon would be a little cooler if he had a little pair of sunglasses on

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sunglasses would be perfect for the little fella