New install of Haiku R1/Beta 3 on Lenovo ThinkPad X220 has no sound

I’ve decided to install Haiku bare metal to my now spare ThinkPad X220 to finally get a feel for it on real hardware. I installed from R1/Beta 3 64-bit (hrev55181+66 after an update).

While most everything on this system works, the only thing I’ve noticed that doesn’t is audio output. A brief search on the forums mentions installing opensound using pkgman, but these threads are now almost 3 years old and I wonder if perhaps they may be outdated.

The threads I have found in my search and have looked through are here and here. One of the threads mentions opensound and blacklisting the HDA driver, but the instructions seem just a wee bit vague. Can anyone perhaps clarify steps to blacklist the hda driver?

Try the latest nightly, @korli did recently some work on the hda driver, which is not available in the beta3.


Just updated to the nightly channel and sound’s working now! Thanks!! :grin: