New Haiku setup Thinkpad x220


I have been away from Haiku for a good while. As my needs changed I retired my old Thinkpad X200, then tripped across Haiku again and thought I would give it a go again.

I installed the 64 bit version of Haiku beta and it runs well. Sound does not work. I tried a couple solutions from the forum, but nothing worked and I understand it is common for Lenovo hardware. About half the time I boot, the trackpoint does not function and I need to reboot, which gets it working. The x220 had a very poor trackpad and I do prefer using the trackpoint.

I used Be 20 years ago and have some software from the era. I gather the 32 bit version has compatibility with older software. I am thinking of switching to the 32 bit version and install the old Gobe Productive suite to see if it runs. Personally I was quite fond of that software suite.

Package management with HaikuDepot is very nice and there is a lot of software choices. The X220 use to run Kubuntu and it was interesting to see all the KDE software in the repositories. I installed the Calligra suite, which I am familiar with, but I recall liking Gobe Productive better.

Can anyone tell me if Gobe Productive runs on 32 bit Haiku?

Congratulation to the developers on a very nice and functional system.



Yes, the gcc2 hybrid should run Gobe Productive fine unless there’s a bug somewhere.


Hello. Gobe Productive works well in Haiku (32 bit). However, if I remember correctly, could be some problem when using the Gobe Installer.

If you copy the Gobe folder from a previous instalation, works well.


the ability to run BeOS software is the primary objective of the 32bit Haiku, so it should work 100%


Thanks for the confirmations. I switched my installation over to the 32 bit build which was very easy. The x220 does not have a CD ROM drive and I tried an external USB drive, but Haiku did not read the disk. Does Haiku work with external USB CD/DVD drives?

I did find a copy of Gobe Productive online. It installed without any problems, however it is a “trial” copy and does not seem to have any way to enter a serial number to activate it.

The last time I used BeOS as a daily driver was on a PowerMac 8600. I have the BeOS CD for for r5 and the Gobe Productive installer. The BeOS CD is for powerPC only, but I seem to recall the Gobe Productive CD as having installers for both.

I have looked at Haiku from time to time as development progressed. I remember trying BeOS Dano and BeOS Max along the way. In any event Haiku has really come along nicely and I am enjoying it very much.



If I remember correctly, there are a packaged version of Gobe Productive in one of the alternatives repositories.

Because of the “gray status” of that kind of software, I will not give more information in the forum :sweat_smile: