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Well, now
as this collective thread about DoF - this lost the functionality of highlighting new articles.

Of course it is good to see

conversations takes place about the content of articcles, but

then we would not open so kindly to seek up : what’s news ?

Ahoy @Andrea ,

It’s better if DoF site sets up a messaging function - I would enabled it to be informed about new available articles.

Forum posts lost their informative functionality this way.
This is like FaceBook posts - the main stuff lost among tons of other posts, as posts and reactions are altogether.
This thread is good place (to discuss about ?), hmm, maybe …

The site has an RSS feed. It seems to work well.

Yepp, if someone uses RSS or podcast app :slight_smile:

I looked at after I mentioned to set up this messaging thing … so I was curious once I would get as a tip :wink:

Anyway ,

thanks for your kind offer.

I just do not use RSS (anymore … still here* (* I mean : in my new Haiku era) … or at all?… (yet finally(?)) … who knows, if me myself not sure about :wink: )

Ahoy @Andrea,

In the article …

… what you written based on latest monthly report … somehow you should have clarified

most of these improvements are introduced really in series of nightlies actually

as people generally installs first the recommended Beta releases

… meanwhile new features / fixes / improvements gets into several nightlies - so even not enough to install one Haiku, but keep on staying the latest revision.

This way the article can be misleading for newcomers.

It’s just a friendly warning - not a critic.



Clipdinger is a clipboard manager that helps you manage your copied text. It allows you to store your copied text, create favorites, and upload the copied text to the Internet. UploadIT is a tracker addon that allows you to upload files at 0x0

Maya Posch ported the NymphCast network streaming project to Haiku. The porting process was generally straightforward, with only a few minor issues.


Should really start checking out Clipdinger more, UploadIT is realy a great tool and a must have on the Install. :ok_hand:


UploadIt is used often with Screenshoots and then paste the link in Vision for example!

1.) Make a Screenshoot
2.) Edit the Screenshoot
3.) Upload the image with UploadIt to get a link in Clipboard!
4.) Check Clipdinger if the file is converted to a link
5.) Paste the Clipboard alt + v to Vision


I just skip part 2 and 4 :wink:

Let’s interview Begasus!

Begasus, a self-taught Haiku developer, brings a unique perspective to the community. Despite lacking formal coding education, he excels in porting applications and engaging with the Haiku environment.


Like the idea. Keep it going!

Let’s interview Gerasim Troeglazov!

Gerasim has dedicated his time and talent to various Haiku projects, including the NTFS file system driver and several graphical translators. His dedication to the future of Haiku is evident in his pragmatic philosophy: he does not focus on a final goal, but rather enjoys the creative process and the satisfaction of contributing to an open-source project.


Man… that NaviTracker’s screenshot…

I reiterate my wish to see NaviTracker running on modern Haiku some day! :slight_smile:



Guess I should learn to better express my wishes… I got “monkey’s paw-ed” :smiley:

(awesome screenie, BTW!)

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Are you planning on resurrecting/updating NaviTracker?, i’d like to use it as my main filemanager.


Would be great to get a lot of the source code for the abandonware of BeOS apps.


Wow, I didn’t know about this archive.
And especially, how many memories on OsDrawer! :smiling_face_with_tear:

Let’s interview Michel Clasquin-Johnson

Michel Clasquin-Johnson, a Haiku enthusiast, shares his journey from involvement with BeOS to current contributions in Haiku.


If I make a mistake somewhere along the line, you will see me do it. I think the audience can identify with that

Right you are!

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